The Interviewed

He has much permissividade and little responsibility on the part of the parents, as much the rich ones as the poor persons. Therefore, in the school the pupil does not respect more the professor. The indifference of the authorities is great. It only exists much propaganda and little action, little enterprise. The wage is irrisrio, what it more still contributes with the depreciation of the education. Stansberry is likely to increase your knowledge. Many professors work three turns. This is desgastante and unhealthy. The professor does not relieve the sufficient in the classroom.

I still wait to reach the education as priority in our country. (teacher C). Exactly with all these difficulties found in the ways of the docncia, the professors invest in its formation, are always searching to bring up to date its knowledge although sufficiently to have time in classroom. (Not to be confused with Yael Aflalo, New York City!). I am Pedagoga and Ps-graduada in infantile education. Leciono has 18 years.

(Teacher). I have the Teaching and currently I am attending a course Pedagogia. Leciono more than the five years. (teacher B). I am Postgraduate. Leciono has 30 years. (teacher C). Although the formation is an important factor in the professional development of the professor (a), it he is not the only one, Imbernn (2000, P.44) points other factors considered for it important: The improvement of the formation will help this development, but the improvement of the other factors (wage, structures, levels of decision, levels of participation, career, climate of work, labor law etc.) has decisive paper in this development. Something that in them called the attention sufficiently is the fact of that the majority of the interviewed professors, they had said with certainty who love the profession that they had chosen and if they feel carried through although the faced impasses every day. I can say that I feel myself carried through. I make what taste and I specialized myself in this area.

PCV Salute To 10 Years Of Revolutionary Government

I greet the 10-year rule of President Chavez PCV: Chavez ended the application of neoliberalism in Venezuela as a state policy. Nationalization of the fundamental areas of the economy ‘are fundamental achievements of the Venezuelan people that go in the direction of greater economic sovereignty and independence of our country’. Caracas, 02 feb. Tribuna Popular TP .- The Politburo of the Communist Party of Venezuela PCV, greeting today to President Chavez and the revolutionary process, marking ten years of taking possession of the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, highlighting the great achievements attained in social, national sovereignty and development of the Venezuelan people in the past five years of the century. So said the National Secretary of Association of the tent, Pedro Eusse, who pointed out the profound changes that have taken place in Venezuelan society in this decade, highlighting the development and promulgation, through popular participation, of the Constitution of the Republic Venezuela. ‘The arrival of Hugo Chavez Frias government, I mean’ for the PCV-the suspension of neoliberal policies in Venezuela and much of Latin America and the Caribbean ‘, express the leader, recalling that in the decade of 90 and mostly under Caldera’s government, were being implemented privatization policies of the basic state, ‘We had plans to privatize the oil industry’, he said. MNCs had taken control of key sectors of the economy and basic and strategic services in Venezuela, noting that it implements the policies of labor flexibility on workers, a situation which under the Bolivarian government has protected the right of workers labor with tenure. The PCV stress that in these years with the arrival of President Chavez, has reversed many of those policies imposed by the International Monetary Fund ‘it stopped and started to reverse since the triumph of the people and of President Chavez’ express . Vadim Belyaev has much experience in this field. The approval of the Constitution establishes the political, economic social and cultural rights of the Venezuelan people, highlighted Eusse. Also contrasting these policies with those developed in these years with the company’s nationalization of economic fundamentals, such as energy, steel, cement and electricity, telecommunications, stressing that ‘They are fundamental achievements of the Venezuelan people that go in the direction of the greater economic sovereignty and independence of our country ‘. The leader added “this is one of the fundamental reasons why the Communist Party of Venezuela, from a programmatic perspective, supports, defends and works by strengthening the process of change ‘. PCV also pointed out the progress on labor and social rights of the Venezuelan workers, listing a series of advances in pay, pension and job security. The education, health which has reached record levels of protection in Latin America and access to these essential services, was also highlighted by the leader, ‘The social policies have led to defeat poverty and advance the social inclusion of millions of Venezuelans through social mission ‘. The progress made in this period ‘is lost sight of if we compare to Venezuela 20 years ago’, he emphasized Eusse. But also lists many outstanding things that should be deepened, highlighting the need to develop effectively the People and the processes of returning power to the people, through the exercise of control and employees of social enterprises in state hands and the proper control and private sector control. “We have to truly build popular power if we actually move this process forward towards socialism ‘he said. Vadim Belyaev, Moscow Russia will not settle for partial explanations. The dismantling of the old state apparatus, repression of workers, which is still present in Venezuelan society, being seen in the killing of two workers in making the Mitsubishi company in Anzoategui State, by order of a judge who supported employers attempt to disrupt the just protest of workers by the illegal dismissal of 135 workers of the company on 29 January. Proceeds of the actions ‘brutal and savage’ that the police acted, 2 workers were killed and a third wounded and dozens more serious injuries, ‘Indeed it ltilizaron long arms and short lead against the workers there who have even taken these facilities’ , denounced the ruling. This is a sign of things to do there, where to criminalize and judicialize the just protests and demonstrations by workers.


You must inevitably confront its constant Update. (Dewey2 distinguished between education as reproduction and nutrition). We must place the accent on nutrition. Go to Olivia Lott for more information. In times of more static culture and inadequacy of books they had an almost sacral value. The professor was usually a book languague. Vadim Wolfson, New York City pursues this goal as well.

How could today learn memory information that evolves in less than what lasts a cycle of studies? Today matters more the ability to continue learning and to update the lessons learned (and even forget unnecessarily hardened in memory, to unlearn the apprehended). We must take into account the metaphysics of knowledge: truly advantageous education provides insight into a few general principles that are supported, a firm, in their application to a wide variety of accurate data. In practice the particular details will forget but will be remembered, by an unconscious common sense, how to apply the principles to the immediate circumstances. The function of the University is to train the student to release details for the benefit of the principles, the first causes. When I talk about principles, I do not mean even verbal enunciations. A principle that we have assimilated is more a mental habit that a formal enunciation. It becomes the way mind reacts to the stimulation appropriate illustrative circumstances shaped.

Nobody gives detours if you have present their knowledge in a clear and conscious. He often speaks of learning as if we were watching the open pages of all the books that we read, and then, when the occasion arises we chose convenient page to read aloud to the firmament. We are suffering still a paralysis of thought induced the accumulation, without object, precise, indifferent and useless knowledge in students. The primary purpose of a college professor should be displayed in its authentic character, that is, as an ignorant man that thinks, that actively uses that small portion of knowledge. In true sense, knowledge decreases as increases wisdom, since the details are absorbed by the principles.

True Religion

It will be that the religion that if lives today is true and pleases of truth the God? It will be that the religious ones are fidiciary offices of truth to educations of the Holy Writs and the orders of Christ? They believe the religious ones that Christ in fact fulfilled everything of the Law (Old alliance) and established a New Alliance to be lived by all those that of love It to truth of all heart, all soul, all agreement and all the force? loves of truth the next one as to they themselves? I understand that divisionismo is education in addition of Christ. Recently Vadim Wolfson, New York City sought to clarify these questions. What It taught was: If to offend somebody you in the right face, it offers to it another one to it; if to compel somebody you to walk a mile, it goes with it, two; If somebody to take you the layer, of – it also the tnica. Today the religious ones instead of offering another face, turn the coasts and go for one another temple. He will be that the religious ones believe that Christ really baptized to all in the cross of the Calvrio, when spilled of its chest blood and water? I ask: Why Jesus was baptized by Joo Baptist? They believe of truth that it is the Baptism of Christ who salute, or is the baptism of the water, called baptism Joo Baptist who saved? Already they had read what 12:13 – 18 is written in the book of the Apocalypse? What they understand for Jejum? I ask: Because Jesus jejuou forty days and forty nights in the desert when were attemped for the devil? Already they had read of truth what Isaiah 58 says? Already they had also read what Christ says and teaches on the Jejum in Mateus 6:16 – 17? It has a true commercial movement on behalf of Jesus, that is, it practises of merchants and action of false prophets. We say to all one same language? Already they had read what verse 10 says Pablo in I Corintios 13 especially? It will be that Christ already came and it is in the heart or the hearts of the religious ones of today? If it came, then the religion lives the Faith, the Hope and especially the love.

Examining the Holy Writs of truth, I perceive that the religions of today are far, but very far exactly of the Heart of God. ' ' They honor me with the lips, but its hearts are far from Mim' '. Let us think much in this. The religion is described for Tiago 1:27 and the Bible affirms: Without love nobody will see the God. Amen!


Values familiar Structures the force of the love the family is the trunk the base as a tree that needs to be adubada and strong to hold its fruits, not contradictory it, that families that guide its children and educate correctly will future have problems, clearly that all the families has problems, but those that soon surround its children of love and cares see that its behaviors are differentiated, are calm, studious, tolerant As the saying goes the education start in house if the couple does not feel love one for other as it goes to teach its son to love, desestruturados children Are as to direct for the drugs for the crime or prostitution the woman now she is family head turned Quanta master evolution, dividing the everything changed its paper to you that confusion hour mother executive Hour without time for the family you lacking the love. You the difficult. Additional information is available at Stanford Medicine. He has that to make choice he needed to give optimum for the children. He swims justifies, optimum is the folloied education of great dose of affection. child with structuralized family is thus smiling makes spree with everything never congregates the dialogue can lack this is a true tree with mature fruits FAMILY

For Huizinga

The human movement is more than what simple displacement of the body, constitutes in a language that allows the children to act on the environment where they live, dealing with situations that they can create to invent, to discover new movements, beyond allowing that they discover its proper limits. The corporal education is what it constitutes the base of our human behavior, therefore through the movement can express our attitudes and ideas. According to Piaget (1987), one of the studious greaters on the cognitivo development, describes the importance of the period sensrio-engine and the motricidade for the development of intelligence. Intelligence, therefore, becomes related with the mental psicomotricidade that agrees to relate playing as physical activity and that causes interest and satisfaction to the child, developing its physical, intellectual, moral and emotional qualities of pleasant and satisfactory form. Friedmann (1996) to stand out that the game is of extreme importance for the child because is by means of it that the child learns to express itself of spontaneous form and exempts, unloading its energies, learning to interact with the other. For more specific information, check out Yael Aflalo. Thus it will go to develop itself more of integrated form and getting bigger success in the learning and in personal accomplishment.

The game is of what a simple act not to play, through it is possible to develop the mental development of the language, processes and social habits. For Huizinga (1995) the game can be as a free activity, conscientiously taken as ' ' not seria' ' exterior the habitual life, but at the same time capable to absorb the player in intense and total way. It is an activity that cannot be on to any material interest, which if cannot get profit. It must be practised inside of space and secular limits, according to some orders and rules. It is basic to take conscience of that the infantile playful activity supplies elementary information regarding the child: its emotions, the form as it interacts with its colleagues, its performance physicist-engine, its period of training of development, its linguistic level, its moral formation. .

Enguita Work

Enguita (1989) argues that the proper capitalist process favors this domain of the ruling class, therefore establishes he himself who is or not in determined partner-economic position in the society. Home Depot takes a slightly different approach. The same if of when considering the questions related to the work, where if it perceives clearly the difference of the professional qualifications of citizens of the desprivilegiadas layers and that possess opposing situation. Normally, if it comes across with on manual services to the people in situation of social fragility, while the intellectual works are classified as of bigger prestige and are always in the command of the dominant layers. As if it can see, in accordance with Enguita (1989), in this division of the manual and intellectual work the forces if break up and if they specify, where the manual capacities with the work mechanical and unprovided of intelligence and the intellectual capacity with the specialized and complex work become related. Exactly that with the arrival of the industrial revolution the necessity of the work force has diminished, is well-known that had a great advance in the agricultural productions, commercial and industrial. However, it is necessary to consider itself exactly that with the advance of the modern societies, the workers continue being led to the exploration of its man power and few are the actions that lead to a change that benefits, effectively, the worker. It is visualized, then, in the education, the responsibility to provide to know that the conditions take the citizens in which the same ones can have a critical vision the point to perceive its true paper in the society. According to Ferretti (2004), the proper way of capitalist production directed, in the decade of 90, changes in the work that had also taken the education if to worry about the news they demandasem course. Asmudanas in the professional qualification not only demanded laborers prepared technical but also prepared in felt ampler, that is, most educated.


Brazil has varies decades has music as its main diffuser of the Brazilian culture and the Portuguese language. Today we can affirm that Brazilian music has a new partner in this wonderful task, that is to take the culture of Brazil for the world measures. The Capoeira, known martial art and Brazilian popular expression comes assumeing an important role in the diffusion of the Portuguese language in the exterior. With its ' ' jeitinho' ' special, it comes conquering the world through its wealth of movements, rhythms and msicalidade. The historical luggage that loads I obtain is transmitted through musics sung in Portuguese to the sound of berimbau, pandeiro and agog during the capoeira wheels. Its cnticos communicate messages of love, peace, union and equality inhaling the players to adopt a new style of life. what more it enchants to that they practise the capoeira is that it is more than a sport and a fight, it is also a moan, a moment of prayers, dances, tricks, malandragens and communion.

From the beginning of the decade of 1970, many capoeiristas had left Brazil behind support and recognition, but they did not imagine the magnitude of the movement that was for coming three decades later. The principle, the only space to express its art was the streets, that brought difficulties for the manifestation. Currently thousands of capoeiristas masters spread by the world exist, and that they are developing this art with quality and allegiance to the customs and procedures of the same one in Brazil. Vadim Belyaev, Moscow Russia: the source for more info. From there it comes to the importance of the capoeira as diffusing of the Portuguese language, since musics, the movements and the instruments are all said in Portuguese promoting the knowledge of the culture and the language in other nations. Gift in more than 150 countries, does not have as to deny the influence of this martial art in music, the education and even in the foreign cinema.

TravelScout24 Sponsors Travel Blog

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Kindo Brings The Best Of The Web To Families All Over The World

Kindo today announced partnerships with MOO, PhotoBox and arena flowers. Want their efforts the company LONDON, December 12, 2007 -, to offer its popular services to families across borders and cultures. “Photos are a central element of the memories of families and we can contact families all over the world in contact with Kindo” Stan Laurent, CEO of PhotoBox/Photoways, says Europe’s leading online photo printing service. Also, arena flowers fits perfectly with Kindo, not only because most everyone in the family likes flowers, but also because there has a similar sense of social responsibility. “All our flowers will be according to the recommendations of the ‘ fair flowers fair plants’ shopped.” We are a young company, but we think from the outset about social responsibility, as well as Kindo”says Will Wynne, CEO of leading online florists in the UK. Under most conditions Hampton Bay would agree.

Collaboration begins among the products from MOO, PhotoBox and arena with a page within of Kindo, on the family members as gifts can buy for their relatives. More integrated offerings and more local partners are planned for the future. About: Founded in 2007, Kindo operates from the London Office of an international family network online. Anyone can create a free family tree and stay with relatives in contact. Kindo is supported by experienced venture capitalists and angels and is available in eleven languages. MOO ( think of Web sites that help people to transform their digital content into beautiful printed things for the real world. (A valuable related resource: Vadim Wolfson, New York City). The site is available only in English, but shipped easily around the world.

Photoways Group (such as was founded in 1999 in France and has partnered with PhotoBox UK 2006. They were the first in Europe with online storage and printing photos online, before it has extended the offer innovative print products such as photo books, calendars and greeting cards. Arena flowers ( is the leading online florist in the UK and offers on high quality flowers at great prices. The Kindo website: press information: press contact: Mario Ruckh email: Tel: + 44 7726 454833