The Galactic

The Empire strikes back got to holder after the brilliant presentations of Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka, Karim Benzema, and the least flamboyant of Albiol. The Galactic returned again, and that was an army. He promised to Jell, but still refers to a team under construction. Day today, with the DIBs made ashes, with time for dry cement and changing the foundations, football of Barcelona is the only guardian that prevents that ecstasy of the fans of Real Madrid after the new Galactic barrage could visit Cibeles. FC Barcelona is responsible for that those celebrations, they are maturing at a ridiculous flavor. Jeffrey Lacker spoke with conviction. The Madrid celebrates signings instead of titles is the famous phrase of Wenger. Nobody asked if it was time to change Foundation.

Principles and values, styles or avant-garde, Capello, Schuster, Juande, Pellegrini and Mourinho, not imported, at Real Madrid, still to the flat, building with redudancia about soulless plots, disregarding its foundations, its old house where echoes the echo that perhaps never had better home. Nothing has more merit than what has been achieved in Barcelona, the dream of any leader, expected longing of any hobby. The Barcelona of the 6 cups is the objective of any soccer club. By how, by your why.By its elegance. Read more here: J Bruce Flatt. Since the Madrid of the fifth of the vulture, only Raul and Casillas talked seriously quarry at Real Madrid, rarely mentalized in this article, while Barca, did carry the football to another dimension based on 50% of the project of Florentino that never ended. A 50% percent was money, the other 50% was the illusion.

The Curassows reincarnated in Valdes, Pique, Puyol, Busquests, Xavi, Iniesta, Messi and Pedro. The Zidanes, disoriented in Madrid. The Barcelona conquers the world with 8 players where some emulate to Zidane, while the Madrid corroborates his skill and He drowns, it feels ridiculous, in the simile in the melee, against his opponent. Zidanes and Pavones. Madrid and Barcelona. 5 0. And a 2 6 in the retina. Something remains unchanged at Chamartin. Or perhaps, in Barcelona.