Granite and marble at all times considered to be not only the most noble, but also the most practical, reliable and durable types of coverage. Beauty, environmentally friendly, resistant to stains and damage done by these materials indispensable for use in areas that are frequently used, such as embankments, airports, museums, subway stations. Using natural stone for construction of stairs, you can be sure that the steps do not lose its pristine form even at elevated temperature, light, mechanical stress, or when tested with water. The very nature of creating this irreplaceable material, arranged for its ability to resist stihii.Vidy marble and granite steps of solid, massive stone steps are the key to strength and durability of the entire ladder structure. One piece of granite steps can serve for decades and even centuries. If the production levels necessary to avoid seams, you can use the overhead board, cut precisely to the width of the stair opening. The most affordable is to use as a material marble and granite tiles.

And they are faced not only the stage but also the risers. Also remember that for security purposes, any ladder should have handrails for support which used stair balusters or posts. Balusters Marble and granite have not only a protective function, but also decorate the stairs, emphasizing its izyskannost.Preimuschestva steps of stone steps from different natural stone aesthetic excellence, originality of design and environmental cleanliness. Heat and frost resistance of stone steps makes them much more preferable, especially if you build to last.


KUIMBA’E has KUNA land read everything but today I read something that, once again, startled me. First I tried to ignore and to that effect I tried to hide behind me in the old phrase Dios, forgive them not know what they do (in this case, do not know what they say); but then responded on the basis of another saying who is silent, gives, and above all, because I know that the Guarani does not deserve this kind of free and confused grievances; that is why I solved write this reflection and share it with my friends. The text that I read was more extensive, but entresaque the part that interested me and that next step to transcribe reactions and reflections public about a man public La private a public man’s conduct undoubtedly is a public issue by its consequences on third especially minors in a direct way, like the replicas to level citizen when necessarily the subject enters squarely in the political sphere. While someone speaks of the topic related to the affiliations of Lugo, reflect on their implications, especially the poilticas and affecting all the citizen, there will be talk and talk because policy is a social activity and public (Kuimba’e) e, in guarani language which shares with the Spanish, the language of all of Paraguay, mean man. And also owner of the language. Women, on the other hand, said Kuna, Word also meaning Devil’s tongue. Coincidence? Does not appear. Sexist practices in Paraguay are made from the same language.

= ASIDE from the bottom of the article (the problem LUGO) and analyzing LO affirmed on LAS words KUIMBA’E and KUNA will note that there is still people like that offend the Guarani (language and culture). Advenediza people that Pontifical here and there without even having studied Guarani and without knowing what it says. They speak just because they have mouth.