To Bob

They were all made and accepted invitations. The next day Kelly called to say that neither Bob nor Cleve had been able to get vacation days, but were able to change their two days off from work for that weekend. We will have only this day. We would have liked it more but we can all be satisfied with the ceremony. "That will be enough," he said.

"The important thing is that we are all together at that time .- parted as usual after an exchange of views for a long period of time. On the night before the wedding day, the last available flight, which luckily got into a low-cost carrier, had reached his parents and his brother's girlfriend. It was near midnight. It was a nice surprise for Alex and Mabel see that Bob had been with his girlfriend. She had not said anything and they loved them both. They all went to bed. They had prepared a couple of inflatable mattresses to sleep them, leaving the bed to their parents. To Bob had prepared the couch in the living room, which was very comfortable, but for one person.

The other bed available was of medium size, but Esther was using, so had to ask her to please be moved to the couch and let them bed at Bob and his girlfriend. Esther had no problem. This location found for all in the house and none had to go to a hotel, which seemed like a wonderful demonstration of affection.

Twine Literature

Since its origin it comes fighting to breach the estigmaes on the part of the society ‘ ‘ letrada’ ‘. The popular fact of and being marked by the orality favor a series of preconceptions, however, everything this is characteristic of a literature that comes breaching centuries and if fortifying in the half intellectual of the whole world. In this study excellent aspects of the twine will be explanados, such as: its history, starting in the Iberian Peninsula and if fixing in Brazil; its peculiar characteristics, as well as the preservation of this literature in technological times of advances, so that the future generations also make use of this fantastic form of popular expression. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Twine. Popular.

Preconceptions. Preservation. Further details can be found at Joeb Moore & Partners , an internet resource. ABSTRACT In the beginning of the twentieth first century, the literature of Cordell passed will be the intense moment of menace and transformations. Since the origin it eats fighting you break the stigma found in the ‘ ‘ Lettered’ ‘ society. Popular The fact it is and marked by the verbal, favour all this ploughs characteristics of literature that eats breaking centuries and fortifying itself in the intellectual centers in all to over the word. In these studies will be explained important aspects of Cordell, such: its history, beginning in Iberian Peninsule and it fixed in Brazil, its particular characteristics, like the preservation of this literature in moment of technologies advance, you the future generation also they can dispose of this fantastic form of popular expression. KEY-WORDS: Cordell.

Popular. Preconceptions. Preservation. INTRODUCTION the literary art is basic in the civilized culture. When it is said in literature soon comes to the mind ‘ ‘ clssicos’ ‘ its writers who write complex books, that many times nobody practically obtains to decipher, becoming them inaccessible the escolarizadas populations less.