Modern Movements

Compared with other modernistas movements, the Brazilian was unchained delayed, in the decade of 1920. This it was the result, to a large extent, of the assimilation of cultural and artistic trends launched by the European vanguards in the period that preceded the World War I, having as example of the Cubismo and the Futurismo, reflecting, then, in the search of the abolition of all the previous rules and the search of the newness and the speed. However, it can be said that the assimilation of these European ideas was given of selective form, rearranging artistic elements in order to adjust them the Brazilian cultural singularidades to it. Literature, the architecture, design, modern painting, sculpture, theater and music are incased in this classification. The modern movement was based on the idea of that the forms ' ' tradicionais' ' of the plastic arts, literature, design, social organization and of the daily life had become exceeded, and that it became basic to leave them of side and to create in the place a new culture. This constatao supported the idea to reexamine each aspect of the existence, of the commerce to the philosophy, with the objective to find what they would be ' ' marks antigas' ' to substitute them for new forms, and possibly better, of if arriving at ' ' progresso' '. In essence, the modern movement argued that the new realities of century XX were permanent and imminent, and that the people would have to adapt its vises of world in order to accept that what was new good and beautiful age also. In Brazil, the main artifices of the modernista movement were not opposed to all previous artistic accomplishment of them. The great battle if placed against the o passadismo, that is, everything what it hindered the free creation. It can, thus, be said that the proposal modernista was of an almost complete aesthetic rupture with the thickening of the art found in the previous schools and of a magnifying of horizontes of this art before delimited by the academic standards.

Curricular Deficiencies In The Students Of Second Anus To Face Subjects Physical I And II

The present work is a study using pedagogical testing. In the preceding lessons takes place obtaining like result that the students are going to the Level Superior with lagoons of contents in the Subject of Physics being vitally important in the system of Education Learning in the Race of Computer science Sciences because she contributes to the development of the thought and the simulation of processes of the daily life, belonging to the branch of the natural science that has contributed to the development and well-being of the man, and thanks to its study and investigation has been possible to find in many cases, a clear and useful explanation to the phenomena that appear in the daily life. As a result of the east study a proposal is realised of Course of Leveling for the students when beginning the race for once they face the Subject has overcome the lagoons that brought of the Preceding Lessons. The objective of this work is to propose an analytical program of the subject that considers the difficulties detected through the present investigation in relation to the contents that serve basic to the knowledge of subjects Physical I and II in the University of Computer science Sciences, and the corresponding Model of Planning and Control of the Educational Process to be distributed like course of leveling for students of the race Engineering in Computer science. The Methodological Work is the central axis of our investigation, positing that the educative needs of the student which we have today in our classrooms are not the same that those of students of previous years.


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Corps of Pages

Beginning military service in 1860 was raised in the Corps of Pages. Since 1810 the Corps of Pages placed in complex of buildings on Street., Building 26 – former Palace of Count M. Vorontsov (architect Rastrelli, rebuilt Quarenghi), who before held a Chapter of the Order of Malta. In 1819 the Corps was subordinated to the Chief Director of Cadet buildings. Back in 1829, long before the receipt of Count Tolstoy's mp have been issued rules on how to enroll in the pages and determine the Corps of Pages, and the right to request an enrollment of young children in was granted first party of the first four classes, and then – the first three or representatives of the surnames listed in the fifth and sixth line of the pedigree books (titled and ancient nobility). Like all students of the Corps of Pages Count mp Tolstoy during the training period was considered a numbered with the Imperial Court, regularly performed duties of court services, mainly during official ceremonies, where the presence of squires were required to protocol.

In 1863, during the course of the graph Pavlovich Tolstoy Page Corps over by the Chief Directorate of military educational institutions. Sleeve mark student Corps of Pages, where he studied mp Tolstoy. In 1865, mp Tolstoy was released from the Page Corps second lieutenant in the Life Guards Hussar Regiment. . In 1868 he was promoted to adjutant. In 1870-1875 years, the squadron commander, then division, temporarily commanded the regiment.