The Acceptance

– The social malaise also is sicoptico Of natural way some people have abilities that make the relations easy, but in spite of this facility also they can feel certain malaise sometimes. Abilities like the empathy, that is to say being able to put themselves in the place of the other, can have their indirect effect. If one perceives easily how the others feel, it will be able to be oppressed frequently because it will look for to be able not to bother, not to generate conflict or to avoid that it is erased to him of something negative. It is easy that in spite of the social success the malaise levels are higher than would be desirable. Especially during the adolescence to be capable socially cannot be very traumatic.

This time of the life the group becomes referring the main one. To be rejected is hard and usually has great future repercussion. For that reason an adolescent usually is so noticeable and usually is so faithful to his group of friendships. The acceptance necessity becomes some cases in the tyranny of the acceptance. In the continuous one of social anxiety, we can value from the precise experiences of social anxiety to the social phobia.

First it is common in all the people, the phobia is much more minority but relatively frequent in the general population, between 3 and a 13% according to different studies. When the malaise becomes bloqueante, that is to say, when the person avoids social situations recurrently not to be bad in spite of wishing the relations, it is then when she becomes necessary to put means to confront the problem. Otherwise this malaise can increase and in addition to become general to other situations. Sometimes the people use different strategies to get rid short term of the malaise, for example: to speak to avoid uncomfortable silencios much, to look for the company of the people who give more confidence him within a group, to shut up themselves not to fall in ridiculous situation, not to ask doubts not to seem ignorant what more usually it is avoided Generally is to be the attention center, is by which situations as to speak in public they can get to be very angustiantes.

Diogo Mainard

Almost never I read the column of Diogo Mainard, find it very politician but, I read its text on linfoma of Dilma Rousseff (Reviewed She sees 06 of May of 2009), and found very its reasoning interesting: it wrote that linfoma was taken to palanque as I appeal emotional to try to stimulate its candidacy the president, instead of this, would have been more decorous to take linfoma to the public hospitals, extending to the patients poor the access to the treatment and to the medicine. I attended to the news article with Jose Alencar, the news article that the creature spoke at the beginning of this text. It has reported question (more or less thus) which the prescription pra as much ortaleza and it answers: it is the FAITH in God. It must have answered thus: it is that I only fight against the cancer, thanks to God I am politician and I have a treatment of first. My trips and all the treatment are gratuitous, who paid is the common Brazilians and the chemotherapy I make in my house, the x-ray also. Everything what it has in the exterior pra to treat my cancer this to my reach thanks to God.

I never caught a line, I do not know nor what it is this. Also nor he could, already I seated thought waiting pra to make the radio session, quanta people to ask for remedy to me, clemency pro father who you with cancer, internment pro filinho with leukemia. He exempts me to god. Then my son I am a FAITH man. To have FAITH thus is easy but after all pra that it serves the FAITH? The faith my people is the opium of the people. Parafrasenado Karl Marx.

Roman Empire

Florentine masters used the natural beauty of the figure of stone to create patterns. This way of world-recognized as the most difficult. Careful selection of colors stone, a perfect connection seams to create a stunning color of Florentine mosaic. By the end of XVI century, fully formed performance technique Florentine paintings, and to this day it is not observed any changes. Material mosaics could be malachite, tiger eye, aventurine, agate.

For a variety of precious and semiprecious stones, was taken in the design of furniture facades, countertops, doors, fireplaces, caskets. Theme patterns can be patterns of colors, shapes, animals, humans, birds, landscapes and biblical subjects. Roman Mosaic Master the late Roman Empire used the cubes of smalt, and only occasionally – the marble. Basically, decorated walls and floor buildings. The plot is impressive in its diversity and complexity: the magnificent designs, displaying historical events and mythological subjects, images of birds and animals. There is a mosaic portrait of a woman and a picture the seabed, affecting its realism.

There is a unique work on the design of columns and fountains. Historically known for the fact of jewelry craft. Roman mosaics differs from Florence, not only material used in the creation of pictures, but some lack of elegance because of the application modules of greater magnitude. Roman mosaics were mostly a tool to create an atmosphere of relaxation and enjoyment in premises of the Roman aristocracy. Byzantium has made an invaluable contribution to the development and distribution of mosaic art. Byzantine mosaics of smalt and stone represent a great era.