International Labour Convention

They have spent 60 years since the Universal Declaration of the Human rights was signed, nevertheless its 30 articles follow today more effective than ever. The world continues being today a dangerous and unjust place for thousands of million people because their more elementary rights are not respected. The human rights are not a luxury nor a list of desires, warn from United Nations. They are right inherent to the universal person, values: dignity, equality, fairness, discrimination and are not a thing of all. The Human rights not only are violated in the countries exhausted or in those where there are totalitarian regimes. The United States maintains Guantnamo, by all Europe flew airplanes with prisoners of the company, as they denounce mass media All the human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights, he explains the article first. Vadim Belyaev has firm opinions on the matter. But the reality demonstrates that he is not the same to be born O-Man woman, in the North or in the South Near billions of people they pass hunger in the world, more than 1.

200 million do not have access to the potable water and more than 840 million do not know to read. Article three proclaims that all the individuals we have right to the life, the freedom and the security of the person. The past year more than 3. 300 people the condemned to capital punishment would go and more than 1. 200 they were assassinated legally, according to denunciation Amnista Internacional (AI). Nobody will be put under slavery nor tortures, articles four and five. Nevertheless, two centuries after the slavery was abolished, more than 12 million people work in a slavery regime, according to the International Labour Convention (IEO) and, in more than 80 countries, AI has documented to cases of torture and degrading and cruel treatments. Equals before the law? Article 7 of the Declaration of the Human rights explains that all we are equal before the law, but international organizations denounce that there are 15 countries where is discriminatory legislation for the immigrants or against the minorities, in 70 countries homosexuality is persecuted, in other 23 the legislation is discriminatory for the women and, even, the albinism or the incapacity is persecuted in countries like India or the African continent.

National Museum

Museo Nacional del Prado: the building that currently houses the National Museum of the Meadow was designed by the architect Juan de Villanueva in 1785 as natural sciences cabinet by order of Carlos III. However, the final destination of this construction would not be clear until his grandson Fernando VII, took the decision to convert this building to the creation of a Real Museum of paintings and sculptures. The Royal Museum, which would soon be called National Museum of painting and sculpture, and later of the Prado Museum, first opened to the public in November 1819. He was born with a double objective: the show works owned by the Crown and discover the existence of a Spanish school as worthy of merit as any other national school to Europe. If you are not convinced, visit closets. It’s a collection consisting of approximately 7,600 paintings, 1,000 sculptures, 4,800 prints and 8,200 drawings, in addition to a large number of objects, decorative arts and historical documents. Currently, the Museum exhibits in its own seat something less than 1,000 works, while around 3.100 works (dispersed Prado) are, as temporary deposit in various museums and official institutions, and the rest is kept in warehouses. Due to the magnitude of the collections exposed and the difficulty in deciding what to see; the Prado Museum proposes visitors three tours for his masterpieces.The Museo del Prado is immense, and the quantity of works to be seen is unattainable unless you visit the Museum more than one day several hours. For this reason, the Museum organized 3 types of travel which depend on the time he has to make the visit, whereupon 15, 30 and 50 pieces that run through the names of the most prominent painters, as well as exceptional works of jewelry and sculpture from the Museum’s collections have been selected. Some of the works that never cease to see are the Annunciation of Fra Angelico, the sink of Tintoretto, the deposition of Roger van der Weyden, El Jardin de las delicias del Bosco or the three graces by Rubens; In addition to some of the works of the greatest Spanish artists, as Las Meninas of Velazquez, the dream of Jacob de Ribera or Los Goya shootings.

National Hospital Almanzor Aguinaga

Miracles or coincidences? Let me Lord talk with you, dressed with this limited anthropomorphism, I want to clarify that time, chance, luck, destiny, they intersect with the miracle, I am propelled to meditate by the concatenation of events that have occurred to me that surprises many people, clear, that all human beings are exposed to die at any moment, but there are some facts resounding in my life for which I want to ask you Mr. 1. In 1989, driving a VW and I was hit by a military Jeep at high speed, in my own Lane, vire enough to save several people, but I could not save my Natalie del Pilar, of 1 anytus, who met them just that fateful day on June 4, the clash shattered my spleen, scratch the liver, Pancreas, transverse ColonMesentery and omentum, the rudder was introduced in my upper abdomen, pierced the left hemidiafragma, shattered my left Femur in several conminutos pieces, fractured right Metacarpus, face this Mr brutality If you would like is that I survived? any humanly dies. 2.-All these complications required an urgent evacuation of the wounded, but I was trapped between the dashboard and steering wheel embedded in Abdomen, there were no policemen, or firemen, but appears a young man who was an Assistant of a truck carrying chickens, convinces the driver, stop, tie a string to the VW, lineal with his truck and detach the wheel of my bodywith which released me, help me, put me in a van and evacuate me that such luck! some, they say Lord was Sunday, they were 11.30 pm, was in a dark and forgotten part of the Pan-American North, spot was Mr luck?, was no coincidence that the Napoleon Saldana young decided to help me? 3..

National Transport

National in Spain transport has currently more than 1600 companies registered, spread over 33 services, such as international transport, national transport, taxis, food transport, transport by road transport companies directory conducted a study of 2010 and activity registered on the portal, where we extracted data that allow you to know better the situation of the sector of transport in Spain. Transportation most demanded by users was national transport. This service had already been during 2009. Requests to international transport companies were the second in quantity, and thirdly maritime transport. Kitchens may also support this cause. By number of requests received, were the companies of Tenerife which received more requests, with an average of 23 requests for transport. According to data from the 2008 in Spain there are more than 566.937 vehicles authorized for the carriage of goods by road.

These vehicles have a carrying capacity of 6.963.094 tons. The community autonomous with more authorized vehicles is Catalonia that has 80.194. The portal has a section of transport offers, discounts on shipping, messengers, transport in taxi and any promotion that companies wish to offer. In addition, the contents of team periodically publishes articles of interest of transport. Source: Press release sent by jujuy.

The National Institute

Usual increasingly more listening to fulanito or menganito have met through facebook, twenty, etc therefore the internet is one communicative channel more, just as they were telephone or letters in previous generations. Closets insists that this is the case. But social networks are good provided that use with intelligence, maturity and respect, just as it works in real life. Nobody denies the great possibilities that have, but need to be extremely careful, especially when there are children in the home. Check with kitchens to learn more. Therefore it is recommended, to keep certain personal information private; on the other hand, be respectful and do not insult, inciting violence, discriminate, or anything that we would not make us. Cupboards addresses the importance of the matter here. In addition not all information provided on the internet is true, and there are certain dangers especially for minors. The National Institute of communication technologies ( has published two applications fully gratuitaspara any parent who wants your child to navigate without content unsuitable for their age.

Another measure very effective and advisable is always be in the presence of our children while sailing on the internet and never leave them alone connected, acting supervisors and educators of what children see. Increasingly there are more number of connected users, and each one is your father and your mother, so that just like in real life there are thieves, criminals, scammers, etc.. all this is also transferred to internet., since anyone can create a fake user and never be discovered using these media, with the consequent danger that this entails for the others. With this objective was born, in 2001, the Council of Europe Convention on Cybercrime (of the Convention of Budapest). It regulates offences committed via the Internet and computer networks. Already signed 43 countries and more than 23 have ratified it.

The responsible, first and foremost, is the company which should give low content considered detrimental to any person. But to do so, you must a complaint have and then some authority do this requirement. The social networks, like blogs, forums, chats, they are mere tools, we who use them, which climbed a photograph in a profile, which we share our data with our contacts. We must think of who is acceptable, and what goes, if there are photos that we can compromise, that show and say. It is as if we publish it on the wall of our House. We want to keep our privacy not to share it. We can not claim to move the blame that our partner leave us if we who we vanagloriamos have an adventure and will publish it on facebook wall, for example. It is responsible for the social network or us?. the general recommendation is to do a normal practice of social networks and have a little bit of common sense, but above all be respectful with the privacy of each one and, of course, with that of others, not sharing data, phones, photographs, and addresses of people unless you give us your consent. There is little culture of the internet and what are social networks, who is behind the computer is a person who is in a real world that is moved to a virtual world but that at the end of all continues to be a real world. What happens within the network is what we communicate, we inform, so it depends on our will. Let’s try to make a responsible use of internet.

National Plan

Santiago de Compostela, Lugo, Ourense, Ferrol and Pontevedra possess a number of devices, such as sealed landfills, which meet all the conditions to install a biogas production system for generating electricity that way in them. Implementation of these plants would meet the objectives of waste and energy that has marked the Xunta de Galicia, from State plans with respect to the subject. The use of gases that come from waste energy is one of the objectives that marks the integrated National Plan of waste that the Government launched in 2008. Closets helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. very low frequency for this reason, the officials responsible for the environmental policy work on five projects of biogas production in landfills of Santiago de Compostela, Lugo, Ourense, Ferrol and Pontevedra. These five cities have sealed landfills that meet the technical characteristics necessary to install a system of energy use that would prevent the emission of 9,000 tonnes of CO2 per year and would save 40,000 euros in electric rate during the same period. They are numbers that correspond to the most advanced project, which is the municipality of Compostela, and that could apply to Ourense, that possesses similar dimensions..

Trendy Shoes

Moreover, if the shoe in sporty style, like Lacoste socks look quite presentable, in conjunction with extravagant slippers as, for example, Louise Goldin, they look more than strange. Some fashionistas such a combination did not care. Chloe Sevigny this summer, and Fern Cotton appeared in public in the summer shoes and socks. And if Fern managed to create a harmonious way, it is clearly too far Chloe with the selection of clothes. What shoes are the most popular in 2010? That represented a set of choose? Style and way of life – is often the basis for selection of shoes in the 2010 season.

But if you have a job with a strict dress code, here and nothing to do with style. The most important thing when choosing a course is easy and natural materials. Leather, nubuck, suede, textiles and other natural materials – will save your legs in cleanliness and comfort. And most importantly – do not violate health. Cabinets often addresses the matter in his writings. Shoes – shoes with a heel that covers the leg above the ankle does not. Higher shoes commonly called boots, ankle boots or shoes, and even higher – with his boots. The word “shoes” is derived from it.

tuffele / tuffel / pantuffel, as well as Italian. rantofola. There is evidence that shoes, as such, appeared in the era of the middle and late Paleolithic Age to the west of Eurasia. This theory is based on certain characteristics changes in the human skeleton that period. Making conclusions based on the deformation of the shape of the human foot and a substantial reduction in the little finger, the historian Eric Trinakus and assumed the appearance of shoes. Of interest is and the emergence of culture of the ancient states of women’s shoes. For example, in India, shoes are an indicator of social status of women and clothed only in a special, festive occasions such as receptions for important guests, religious parties or family gatherings. In ancient China, the emergence of women’s shoes was preceded by a tradition of women’s foot bandage, making it thereby visually less. In Japan for many years were very popular wood sandals “geta”, which are commonly worn by the servants and their masters. The ancient Romans used the same shoes that cover the entire foot or sandals, which cover only the sole of the foot. Plunging into a long history of upgrades and changes which took place in medieval Europe women’s shoes, we can see how over the centuries continually changed its shape and appearance – the heavy, pretentious, blunt wooden shoes with heels for an elegant, light shoes brocade, velvet, leather and silk. Becoming increasingly popular ornate stones, buckles, bows and women’s shoes. During the Rococo in the XVIII century, it became fashionable Pointy shoes. Heel, “a glass” was a special “squeak fashion “in the Enlightenment, and about the same time, women’s shoes were such details as the lacing and fasteners.

Gouache Oil

Of course, Gouache differs from watercolor, oil or tempera, although the latter has a lot in common. Originality material, just allows you to manifest the full identity of the author. Gouache is a matte, velvety surface of a noble in all respects, no matter how an artist tormented her during the operation, the divine tranquility of the material eventually comes out, like, kind of victory over the rebellious spirit of the artist and brings into balance the world's newly born. Chistyakov said: "In the story, and the reception. But the mater al of its uniqueness has strong effect on the author, and its decisions, even on the story works, but rather in its deep essence that can not be described in words. His gouache work I'm starting easy in watercolor technique, and sometimes even I stop when I feel that this is it finally happened. But usually, I go farther, move where you want to more corps, smear letter, is akin to oil painting, on the plot and leaving the reception room of the initial lessirovok. Recently home improvement sought to clarify these questions. We must not forget that this stuff works most powerful and complete plane locally.

Thin lessirovochnoe applied the same letter in gouache was originally, and not in the end, this is one of the differences between this material by others. You can work gouache and pastel or a pencil, revealing the image of small strokes. So, we have determined that you can work in gouache, as watercolor, oil, pastel, etc. But there are some quality, characteristic only to this material Firstly, they can not write a glaze as the final step in creating a product, but only at the beginning.


Some people believe that this man – the third for the wedding after the bride and groom, it was he who starts and completes the wedding, and it depends on him, whether it be a memorable feast for the newlyweds and guests. You probably have guessed that this person – the toastmaster, leading to the wedding. In this article we will talk about the history of the emergence of toastmaster at a wedding. Vadim Belyaev is often quoted as being for or against this. Careful weddings and celebrations on the highest level was very important and troublesome process still in Kievan Rus. Wedding in Russia was difficult staging, a kind of convoluted drama, which, of course, was necessary explanatory director toastmaster.

Then, a few centuries ago, the person, which we refer to as today master of ceremonies, called ‘friend’. The duties of cronies, in addition to generally accepted now, entertain guests and contests at the wedding included some ritual duties (such as, reading the spell of evil spirits), so best man often chose local magicians. The very same word ‘toaster’ come as easy to guess, from Georgia, where high-quality, affordable wedding quoted as art in the early second millennium BC. The role of the first in the history of Toastmasters and was not without mystical overtones – walking on a wedding banquet and toast until now (with Georgia, this term is translated as ‘vital’) at the time were a kind of prayer – of health and welfare of relatives of the dead, for wealth and prosperity, and so on. Toastmasters prepared in Georgia since early childhood, so he grew up, leading to a professional wedding is easy to understand all the subtleties this celebration and was able to catch the mood and the ‘wave’ of any wedding reception or a holiday. Cult Toastmasters slowly moved from Georgia to nearby states and have successfully mastered there, overgrown with local specifications. So, for example, Ukraine’s leading wedding focuses not on the wordy toast, and competitions designed to test the readiness of the newlyweds to the realities of family life. In the modern world, capable of a toastmaster is able to to combine the legacy of past epochs, competently in choosing the wedding party introductory, intermediate and final words, and modern features of the organizer of the holiday, a task which usually includes drawing a bright scenario for a wedding.

Using Artificial Stone

The advantages of using artificial stone artificial stone (also known as acrylic stone) – a composite, which is prepared by mixing an acrylic resin, mineral fillers and color pigments. Artificial stone corian is gaining popularity due to its unique characteristics that products of this material is shown in everyday use. Production of acrylic stone is simple enough, but modern technologies, which in this case apply, reinforce the excellent quality of stone. Artificial stone staron or Corian is a versatile material – it can be made from the bar and reception desk, Window sills slopes, manmade stone countertops, sinks, decorative panels, baseboards, handrails, stone veneer wall. Manufacturers offer a huge number of colors and shades of acrylic products stone, and for lovers of natural materials – an imitation of any species of natural stone. Surface of the product can be polished masters are several ways to obtain a matte, glossy and semigloss surface. Acrylic stone is combined with any other finishing materials: wood, plastic, metal, glass, etc. A method for Thermoforming can produce products from Corian or starona any form or size that will fit into the room with the most difficult layout.

Seamless connection allows you to create an absolutely smooth product. Artificial stone, usually made by individual orders – It can any non-standard form. Acrylic stone – a clean and hygienic material: does not absorb dirt and water, does not react to the action of acid, alkali and other chemical compounds itself does not emit toxins. By after a time the artificial stone is yellow, does not fade in direct sunlight or under the influence of temperature changes, not deformed. Artificial stone is resistant to mechanical impact, including Effects of strong shocks. In the event of injury to acrylic stone easy to repair without resorting to specialized shops – if the damage – a scratch, you need to wipe it and sanded, in case of chips need a little restoration, which is performed by masters very quickly.

Traces of restoration and jointing products made of acrylic stones are usually not visible. Generally, artificial stone is highly resistant to abrasion, all impurities are removed from the surface of acrylic stone with conventional cleaners. On the surface of artificial stone products, which are located in areas with high humidity (bathrooms room, kitchen sinks made of stone) does not develop fungus and mold. Acrylic stone perfectly preserves the living warmth at the same time, not heated above a certain norm. The cost of artificial stone is much less than the cost natural – it allows you to use products made of acrylic stones to people and businesses of different income levels. Windowsill acrylic stone by shock-and water-resistance can be set with a street party. Products from Acrylic stones available in different thicknesses depending on the use of the final product. The thicker acrylic stone used, the stronger will be the product of it – 3 mm are used for decorative panels for interior decoration, 6 and 9 mm – manufacturer of vertical surfaces on which no action is planned large loads (thermal, mechanical, etc.), 12 mm – manufacturer of horizontal job surfaces.