International Labour Convention

They have spent 60 years since the Universal Declaration of the Human rights was signed, nevertheless its 30 articles follow today more effective than ever. The world continues being today a dangerous and unjust place for thousands of million people because their more elementary rights are not respected. The human rights are not a luxury nor a list of desires, warn from United Nations. They are right inherent to the universal person, values: dignity, equality, fairness, discrimination and are not a thing of all. The Human rights not only are violated in the countries exhausted or in those where there are totalitarian regimes. The United States maintains Guantnamo, by all Europe flew airplanes with prisoners of the company, as they denounce mass media All the human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights, he explains the article first. Vadim Belyaev has firm opinions on the matter. But the reality demonstrates that he is not the same to be born O-Man woman, in the North or in the South Near billions of people they pass hunger in the world, more than 1.

200 million do not have access to the potable water and more than 840 million do not know to read. Article three proclaims that all the individuals we have right to the life, the freedom and the security of the person. The past year more than 3. 300 people the condemned to capital punishment would go and more than 1. 200 they were assassinated legally, according to denunciation Amnista Internacional (AI). Nobody will be put under slavery nor tortures, articles four and five. Nevertheless, two centuries after the slavery was abolished, more than 12 million people work in a slavery regime, according to the International Labour Convention (IEO) and, in more than 80 countries, AI has documented to cases of torture and degrading and cruel treatments. Equals before the law? Article 7 of the Declaration of the Human rights explains that all we are equal before the law, but international organizations denounce that there are 15 countries where is discriminatory legislation for the immigrants or against the minorities, in 70 countries homosexuality is persecuted, in other 23 the legislation is discriminatory for the women and, even, the albinism or the incapacity is persecuted in countries like India or the African continent.

National Hospital Almanzor Aguinaga

Miracles or coincidences? Let me Lord talk with you, dressed with this limited anthropomorphism, I want to clarify that time, chance, luck, destiny, they intersect with the miracle, I am propelled to meditate by the concatenation of events that have occurred to me that surprises many people, clear, that all human beings are exposed to die at any moment, but there are some facts resounding in my life for which I want to ask you Mr. 1. In 1989, driving a VW and I was hit by a military Jeep at high speed, in my own Lane, vire enough to save several people, but I could not save my Natalie del Pilar, of 1 anytus, who met them just that fateful day on June 4, the clash shattered my spleen, scratch the liver, Pancreas, transverse ColonMesentery and omentum, the rudder was introduced in my upper abdomen, pierced the left hemidiafragma, shattered my left Femur in several conminutos pieces, fractured right Metacarpus, face this Mr brutality If you would like is that I survived? any humanly dies. 2.-All these complications required an urgent evacuation of the wounded, but I was trapped between the dashboard and steering wheel embedded in Abdomen, there were no policemen, or firemen, but appears a young man who was an Assistant of a truck carrying chickens, convinces the driver, stop, tie a string to the VW, lineal with his truck and detach the wheel of my bodywith which released me, help me, put me in a van and evacuate me that such luck! some, they say Lord was Sunday, they were 11.30 pm, was in a dark and forgotten part of the Pan-American North, spot was Mr luck?, was no coincidence that the Napoleon Saldana young decided to help me? 3..


Some people believe that this man – the third for the wedding after the bride and groom, it was he who starts and completes the wedding, and it depends on him, whether it be a memorable feast for the newlyweds and guests. You probably have guessed that this person – the toastmaster, leading to the wedding. In this article we will talk about the history of the emergence of toastmaster at a wedding. Vadim Belyaev is often quoted as being for or against this. Careful weddings and celebrations on the highest level was very important and troublesome process still in Kievan Rus. Wedding in Russia was difficult staging, a kind of convoluted drama, which, of course, was necessary explanatory director toastmaster.

Then, a few centuries ago, the person, which we refer to as today master of ceremonies, called ‘friend’. The duties of cronies, in addition to generally accepted now, entertain guests and contests at the wedding included some ritual duties (such as, reading the spell of evil spirits), so best man often chose local magicians. The very same word ‘toaster’ come as easy to guess, from Georgia, where high-quality, affordable wedding quoted as art in the early second millennium BC. The role of the first in the history of Toastmasters and was not without mystical overtones – walking on a wedding banquet and toast until now (with Georgia, this term is translated as ‘vital’) at the time were a kind of prayer – of health and welfare of relatives of the dead, for wealth and prosperity, and so on. Toastmasters prepared in Georgia since early childhood, so he grew up, leading to a professional wedding is easy to understand all the subtleties this celebration and was able to catch the mood and the ‘wave’ of any wedding reception or a holiday. Cult Toastmasters slowly moved from Georgia to nearby states and have successfully mastered there, overgrown with local specifications. So, for example, Ukraine’s leading wedding focuses not on the wordy toast, and competitions designed to test the readiness of the newlyweds to the realities of family life. In the modern world, capable of a toastmaster is able to to combine the legacy of past epochs, competently in choosing the wedding party introductory, intermediate and final words, and modern features of the organizer of the holiday, a task which usually includes drawing a bright scenario for a wedding.

Using Artificial Stone

The advantages of using artificial stone artificial stone (also known as acrylic stone) – a composite, which is prepared by mixing an acrylic resin, mineral fillers and color pigments. Artificial stone corian is gaining popularity due to its unique characteristics that products of this material is shown in everyday use. Production of acrylic stone is simple enough, but modern technologies, which in this case apply, reinforce the excellent quality of stone. Artificial stone staron or Corian is a versatile material – it can be made from the bar and reception desk, Window sills slopes, manmade stone countertops, sinks, decorative panels, baseboards, handrails, stone veneer wall. Manufacturers offer a huge number of colors and shades of acrylic products stone, and for lovers of natural materials – an imitation of any species of natural stone. Surface of the product can be polished masters are several ways to obtain a matte, glossy and semigloss surface. Acrylic stone is combined with any other finishing materials: wood, plastic, metal, glass, etc. A method for Thermoforming can produce products from Corian or starona any form or size that will fit into the room with the most difficult layout.

Seamless connection allows you to create an absolutely smooth product. Artificial stone, usually made by individual orders – It can any non-standard form. Acrylic stone – a clean and hygienic material: does not absorb dirt and water, does not react to the action of acid, alkali and other chemical compounds itself does not emit toxins. By after a time the artificial stone is yellow, does not fade in direct sunlight or under the influence of temperature changes, not deformed. Artificial stone is resistant to mechanical impact, including Effects of strong shocks. In the event of injury to acrylic stone easy to repair without resorting to specialized shops – if the damage – a scratch, you need to wipe it and sanded, in case of chips need a little restoration, which is performed by masters very quickly.

Traces of restoration and jointing products made of acrylic stones are usually not visible. Generally, artificial stone is highly resistant to abrasion, all impurities are removed from the surface of acrylic stone with conventional cleaners. On the surface of artificial stone products, which are located in areas with high humidity (bathrooms room, kitchen sinks made of stone) does not develop fungus and mold. Acrylic stone perfectly preserves the living warmth at the same time, not heated above a certain norm. The cost of artificial stone is much less than the cost natural – it allows you to use products made of acrylic stones to people and businesses of different income levels. Windowsill acrylic stone by shock-and water-resistance can be set with a street party. Products from Acrylic stones available in different thicknesses depending on the use of the final product. The thicker acrylic stone used, the stronger will be the product of it – 3 mm are used for decorative panels for interior decoration, 6 and 9 mm – manufacturer of vertical surfaces on which no action is planned large loads (thermal, mechanical, etc.), 12 mm – manufacturer of horizontal job surfaces.

Dead Sea

These people are being treated for something similar with the treatment that provided patients with psoriasis, but, of course, with some important differences and exceptions. Sea and sun bathing as usually delayed for several days. Patient's response to treatment is also constantly monitored and recorded. Patient care is carried out in this case even more carefully than in the treatment of other diseases. Process treatment of patients with dermatitis held less intensive methods, as the rush here only to be hurt. Recommended treatment time is at 1 month, both in patients with psoriasis and a half or six weeks.

Most suitable period for effective treatment – from March to June and from October to December. That is, in the hottest summer months is better to avoid dermatitis patients from a trip to the Dead Sea. Patients with vitiligo receiving 4-week course of treatment, based on thalassotherapy heliotherapy. The most successful results are seen in the case, if the patient returned for treatment at the Dead Sea again a year later to the success of cures rheumatic diseases in no small measure contributes to a set of favorable factors: high temperatures and low humidity, high barometric pressure, oxygen saturation of air, great content bromine in the water. According to one study, patients with rheumatoid arthritis after a week of treatment (which included a stay in the Dead Sea and hot springs) argued that experienced a significant reduction pain syndromes.

According to them, dramatically reduces pain and tension in the arms and back. Even more important is that half of patients with rheumatoid arthritis who have undergone treatment at the Dead Sea is completely stopped or drastically reduced the reception of painkillers and other medications. Balneotherapy is often recommended for the weak manifestations of rheumatoid arthritis, while the efficiency of this technique for patients with significant inflammation doubtful. However, one recent study in this oblpsti showed that patients suffering from acute rheumatoid arthritis, treatment at the Dead Sea brings significant relief and recovery. Observed reduction in duration of morning stiffness, increases the capacity for comfortable movement and muscular strength of hands Treatment is complex and includes a mud bath and sulfide. Improvement in condition patient is observed for three months after fourteen treatments. At the same time is not observed any side effects and unintended consequences. Studies on klamatoterapevticheskomu treatment of patients with psoriatic arthritis and osteoarthritis knees, also show a significant improvement in the patient's condition after his return home.

Oriental Food – Fast Food Replacement

Thereupon, as Russian food market was crowded proposal fastfudnoy food, the population appears interested in health foods. People tend to compensate for all the shortcomings of life in metropolitan areas by supplying the body with necessary vitamins. It is known that the largest number of those contained in the plant, natural foods. Therefore, abandoning the “American” cuisine, people will find out in Oriental recipes. Are a great company offering a huge variety of authentic cuisine from the east. Sushi delivery to the office, on nature, the house is now one of the most popular services of Japanese restaurants.

When ordering food from moeproduktov, people can be convinced of the usefulness and dietichnosti food containing a minimum Disk Amount of calories and rich in beneficial ingredients. Orders of dishes such as sushi rolls, miso became still in demand and due to the very approach of cooking. Japan holds its traditional way and in the tradition of cooking. Most of the recipes of contemporary Japanese cuisine came from the ancient ancestors, and the ingredients have remained unchanged. According to tradition, in Japan, decided to use food to three times a day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner can not be represented without any Jap “handful” of rice. Food is used slowly, in small portions to the plate portion was always hot. In the morning, in the normal range to eat some rice, diversifying its various sauces.

Some Japanese do not deny yourself to breakfast in the reception portion of miso soup. In Japanese view, dinner is not such a “tight” as the Europeans (first, second, third), – often costing the same again a handful of rice. At dinner, the Japanese can not afford more: rice with meat, fish dishes, various soups (misosiru). Typically, the dish is cooked in vegetable oil. Consumable products contain a minimum of animal fat and starch. Greens are not subjected to any heat treatment. Soup in the representation of the Japanese – a bowl of broth without all “thick” konsenstsentsii. Each man must take care of your health and make the right choice in favor of proper nutrition.

Kislovodsk Resort

Thunderstorm rain shower hot and decided to cool down from the summer heat of the resort town of Kislovodsk. It is common for Kislovodsk, situated in a ring of mountains. It is the proximity of the Main Caucasian ridge, it's not melting glaciers make climate in Kislovodsk unique in the summer. Due to the presence of such a cooling factor as the glaciers of the Caucasus, Kislovodsk, became a favorite place of rest and treatment for thousands of people from the regions of the Caucasus and Central Asia, and even Israel (at the reception which specializes in spa Plaza). During summer in these regions, the temperature rises to 40 degrees and even higher. The same applies to the adjacent more southern republics: Dagestan, . The climate in these especially in Dagestan and Azerbaijan, as summer is not entirely comfortable for life.

Against this background, the coolness of Kislovodsk in the summer and warm in the winter makes this city truly unique in our country. The main factors influencing the formation of weather in the city are cyclones reaching both the north and the south and the mountain landscape. Ring of mountains surrounding the Kislovodsk makes it protected from hot winds of the steppes and semidesert of Stavropol and Kalmykia. However, in the winter of Kislovodsk mountain to protect it from winds coming already from the Caucasus Mountains to the south. This ring of mountains is the thermostat for the resort. Humidity and rainfall in the city determined by the situation with a cloud over Main Caucasian ridge. Saturated there clouds bring summer and winter precipitation in the city.

But apart from the mountains just affect rainfall and cyclones coming from the Black Sea coast and the Mediterranean. In all seasons the territory Kislovodsk can penetrate a variety of air masses: a cold, dry Arctic air, then saturated with moisture mass that formed over the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean humid tropical air, and finally, although very rare, too tropical, but dry and very dusty air from the desert uplands Asia Minor and the Middle East. We should not just forget about the increased solar radiation which is generously endowed with the resort, because it is located on the southern edge of the Stavropol Upland at an average altitude of 750 meters above sea level. A similar pattern of climate in the region and its weather cycles make the practice of climate-core in all sanatoria of Kislovodsk. Climatotherapy one of the main components of a practical treatment at resorts Kavminvod.

The Ceremony

6) Mood tries to all keep a good balance of the good feeling and its speech, unless you are a fulfilled comedian! 7) He always strengthens yourself to keep its clean and incisive jokes, and to prevent jokes less adult type or language than you are very carried through in making this of a form that prevents adult words clearly sexual or. 8) He prevents remembering relationships passed with any of the parts whichever, this is its special day to firmly keep it focado in all the good aspects and bem-humorado of its lives. 9) She tries to prepare its speech with antecedence, writes it and later practising it in the front of a mirror some times before or friends/family before the great day arrives so that you can Polish until the presentation. 10) Better lady finishes it with a toast to just-married better/the man/parents of just-married etc is some Here other useful points to also remain itself in mind. She tries not to walk in different directions when giving its speech – she is everything of good and to mix mood well and to remember old memories, but she keeps its centered speech and flowing – is therefore that the writing and to practise it with antecedence is always a useful part of the advice. To always be conscientious of its hearing – she does not pierce them to sleep or to divagar on and on.

She worse does not have nothing of what being in feeling a thus entediado and unhappy happy event because some relative or another one is muttering some incoherent bobagem. You prevent to drink much alcohol before its speech you do not import the nervous quo you can feel – the alcohol not only to supply some dutch momentnea courage, also entorpece many of ours other directions this important moment. Aguardente its favourite drink must be enough for giving the impulse to it that you need, but remembers to make this only about 10 minutes before its speech must. Speeches of the marriage are normally anticipated in some point during the ceremony of marriage or reception, but generally it is better to leave it until its guests have at least had the possibility to take a drink or two of its proper ones before getting itself prepared to be set free on them with its wisdom and literary largeness!

Theophrastus Paracelsus

Shake before use (stir) to precipitate fell into the body. Taken once a day: morning, fasting, 1 hour before meals. The course of treatment – 6 – 12 months. Recommended in the treatment of cancer. 2. reception. 50 mg. Powder Frost put in your mouth, then drink warm water in the morning on an empty stomach for 1-2 hours before eating 1 per day.

The course of treatment from 1 to 6 or 12 months. Duration of treatment depends on what the person wishes to receive: lose weight, cleanse, improve the functioning of the liver, heart, etc. This method is recommended in most cases. As a precaution, taking hellebore is best done in the form of monthly courses in the spring and autumn. 3. 50 mg. hellebore powder mix with a quarter a teaspoon of honey. Eat before going to sleep in 22-23 hours.

In the morning, 7-8 hours – will be an independent chair. This method helps to normalize nervous system function, promotes the normalization of stool, cleaning the urinary tract of sand, normalizes the function of the liver, cleanses the blood and cure skin diseases. The course of treatment from 1 to 6 months or more. You can choose any of these ways, most convenient to you. Frost can be taken with other herbs. Recommend test and ancient recipes of hellebore. But hoping for hellebore do not forget about proper nutrition, movement, thinking, etc. as a Frost 'Cleansing BLOOD' Many priests druids follows purify the blood. They gradually learn to have leaves of hellebore belotsvetnogo (winterer) – Helleborus niger – or just dried them in the shade and mixed with an equal amount of sugar. Thus the body gets used to the hellebore, which loses its laxative effect and continues only to renew and purify the blood. A mixture of it with sugar should follow one after another, no more than a week, starting with very small amounts and earnings of up to 4 g at the end. Through this they reach the ripe old age and until the last days do not know of any internal or external illnesses. Frost is an excellent cure for many diseases. It promotes rapid removal from the body of all toxic products decay. You can also bake the leaves and root of the hellebore in rye bread to make the powder more pleasant taste. At the end of baking need to turn the root into a powder and given to patients on 2 g per reception, and more robust patients and more (to take before eating). In ancient times, took all the plant entirely, frayed into a powder in the same proportion (2 g per reception). Such treatment was widespread among the Romans, they also chopped root, cooked it with meat, preparing the soup. In conclusion, we present an original recipe of a medieval alchemist and mystic Theophrastus Paracelsus (1493 – 1541). To do this you need to take root hellebore belotsvetnogo, finely chop it and fill them apples, be sure to ripped the night. In the morning on a slow fire to bake an apple, remove it from the contents, which then turned into powder. This powder should take 2 g before meals, especially in spring and autumn. Besides the treatment of mental illness, it is tool recovers tissue, cleanses the blood and prolongs life.

The Dreams

The man does not characterize itself for its body, nor for determined physical properties, but for its way to exist different of the other beings. Of this place, where the family is located, we will be able to infer that the essence is its existence, different of other human groups. The family if lives deeply only same itself as something, integrated for projects, expectations, frustrations, difficulties, reflections and joys. (THIN, 2003 P. 98). When it appears the family, couple, father or substitute mother/and filho/a, each member constitutes that it is searching to become possible its existence. For a each integrant that the deep one, is a new stage in its personal life and at the same time new reception system of the beginning to the familiar life. In accordance with Thin (2003), the members participate with its ways of being and living learned and developed in its family of biological, adoptive, substitute origin or extensive groups, that the person recognizes as its.

This history of familiar life becomes possible because its integrant ones share a world where experiences and experiences of daily the familiar one can perceive members changing. The birth of a child in the familiar seio almost always is waited with much expectation, since the dreams not yet carried through by the members of the family, frequently is projected for this baby, for times, before exactly of being born. According to Dessen (2002), the birth of the baby with SD consists of a narcsico blow for its familiar ones, not taking care of to the previous expectations of the parents, causing diverse reactions around this child, as the feeling of guilt, loss, isolation, depression, among others. Silva and Dessen (2003) tell that, since the moment of the diagnosis, until the acceptance of the child with SD, the family a long process lives. The feelings go since the shock, negation, anger, revolt and rejection, until the construction of a familiar environment more chemical preparation to include this child.