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Already Wisdom

– She is necessary that the disciple of the wisdom has courageous heart great e. The pack is weighed and the long trip. – The wisdom is something that when it beats in them to the door already not in them serves for nothing. – Who of morning understood the teachings of the wisdom, at night can die contented – To understand that it has other points of view is the beginning of the wisdom – it is making that it is learned to make what if must learn to make – the money will be its hope of independence, you never will have. The only one true security consists of an ability and experience, wisdom reserve. Details can be found by clicking Joeb Moore & Partners or emailing the administrator. – Most competent it does not argue, it dominates its science and one keeps silent. – The wisdom if does not transmit, is necessary that let us discover we it making one walked that nobody can make in our place and that nobody can prevent in them, because the wisdom is a way to see the things But something that aprendio with td clarity was always to give to value the people who really I love, that they feel for me what I feel for them.

– I learned that. perpetual loves can finish in a night; That great friends can become great enemies; That the love, alone, does not have the force that I imagined; That to hear to the others it is optimum remedy and the worse poison; That people never know a truth person, after all we spend an entire life to know we ourselves; That the few friends apiam who you in the fall, are much more strong of what many push that you; That ' ' never mais' ' he never marks yourself; That ' ' forever ' ' he always finishes; That my family with its 1000 differences, is always here when I need; That not yet they had invented nothing better of what mother col since whom the world is world; That I always go to be surprised, either with the others or me; That I go to fall and to raise millions of times not yet and I go to have learned everything. – Already I pardoned almost unforgivable errors, I tried to substitute irreplaceable people and to forget people inesquecveis. Already I made things for impulse, already I disappointed myself with people who never I thought that to disappoint they would go me, but also disappointed somebody. Already I hugged pra to protect, already I gave laugh when it could not, I made perpetual friends, I loved and I was loved, but also already I was rejected, I loved and I did not love, already I cried out and I jumped of as much happiness, already I lived of love and I made perpetual oaths, ' ' I broke cara' ' many times, already I cried hearing music and seeing photos, already I only bound pra to listen to a voice, I got passionate myself for a smile, already I thought that it was to die of as much homesickness and had fear to lose somebody special thing (and I finished losing)! But I lived! Still Alive E! Not step for life and you also would not have to pass. Alive! ' ' Good exactly he is to go the fight with determination, to hug the life and life with passion, to lose with classroom and to be successful with ousadia, because the world belongs to who if atreve and the life is very for being insignificant

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