Baby Safety Door

Our product has a fixation on the 12 positions in increments of 8, other locks on the windows of the children can not say the same. Comb on the plastic box is made of antifriction material, and allows us to give an extended warranty to 150,000 cycles, which roughly corresponds to more than 15 years of operation, even under severe conditions daily operation of the office on the windows of a class. You can easily check it yourself: take the paper cutter material is easily cut (like soap), while if you try to cut a file, then you get nothing! Files will slide both on the ice, much like Teflon, which has the highest coefficient of sliding and behaves beautifully in any hostile environment, even such as sulfuric acid. Take care of your security his most expensive in the life of man. If our product, limiting the window opening comb, will benefit at least one child, we will be infinitely happy, because children are our future. Product "Multifunctional catch>> by Baby Safety helps avoid these unpleasant moments in the lives of our pets. Locks on the handles of furniture from children, "Multi-lock>> is designed to fix all kinds of doors and drawers.

The latch is attached to the Furniture Accessories from the outside. When you open the box and / or lock doors will not allow the box, the door opened. As an adult, just click on the tab reusable lock release, removing it from the latch to open the door and / or chest. At the time my kids boys – twins. Just like everyone. Trying on our clothes, hid in a closet, cabinet door – coupe moved as luggage on the subway, getting out the dishes from the kitchen, we could not even eat peacefully because manege they perceived as a punishment and started crying, and an endless dumping and lay things no end in sight, the result we are all tied, and the friends and acquaintances said that we live, how to ship all tied up and coming with their children to look at this circus, until I installed protection at the door of the children. Children – our joy and our future. We love them very much, we rejoice, if they are happy and satisfied.

We are proud to see how they are growing rapidly. Baby gone And it's curiosity begins to worry, because cabinets to the ceiling does not hang, and in them the most interesting. Forbid – a child crying. What should I do? A way out is very simple. He is near.