Chinese Kidney

One of the possible causes of allergies from a holistic perspective our kidneys have as main task to detoxify our body. Other words, to free him, which are harmful for the body of substances. There are errors in the kidney function, store these toxins. A poisoned body becomes hypersensitive. Meet this minimal detoxification errors it arrives after the point of view of holistic medicine, not that the kidneys are already clinically detectable ill.

This often leads to misunderstandings. Laboratory values good kidneys in order. It would be nice if it were that simple. Experience shows that in the run-up to a kidney disease, if the body still wants to avoid this, he with increasing storage of toxic substances is increasingly sensitive, increasingly aggressive responding. Thus opens the way to the allergy. The importance of the mineral budget a further task of the kidneys, is important in the allergy-related: the kidneys control the mineral balance.

Minerals are essential involved in the metabolic processes in cells. It comes here to irritation of the organism may react hypersensitive and aggressive. Cambridge has firm opinions on the matter. Finally, they play even a decisive role in metabolism. There are metabolic disorders often has a defense error to result. And a troubled defense is a basis for allergies. The kidneys as endocrine glands and finally: together with the adrenal glands, the kidneys regulate the hormonal balance. And the norepinephrine from the adrenal gland slows the histamine, and thus an overreaction of the immune system. A disturbed hormone balance, on the floor of a troubled kidney regulation can promote also an allergy. For example, skin allergy an apparent example of the context makes it clear: the skin allergy. It is a disorder of the kidney function the organism can compensate for the deficit over the skin. An old Chinese proverb is not free the skin the third kidney”. And also the urologists know that. In the final stages of kidney failure, a uremia occurs on, among other things marked to that itchy skin and urine smells. But not only, if the kidneys are clinically proven ill, the skin responds. Already at the smallest kidney regulation errors can cause an increased sensitivity of the skin. Incidence increased toxins through the skin to the outside and then the Sun it shines, then the skin becomes aggressive and she ignite. This is true on a disturbed histamine budget, as shown above, the allergy is perfect. We speak of Sun allergy. For holistic medicine the kidney in the treatment of allergies play a varied role. To these and other backgrounds from the point of view of holistic medicine are more in the to read the health portal Michael Petersen.