Cleaning Granite

Granite – rock, with unique properties: high strength, acid and frost. It is these qualities allow the use of granite for facing the most critical parts of buildings, floors, steps, especially in places with high level of traffic. However, despite all this, granite requires careful care and specialized care. Dirt, dust, sand and gas exhausts, rain – all this affects the appearance and structure of stone, it loses its luster, color and begins to disintegrate. Cleaning granite can be done almost any detergent, because the granite aggregate is stable and does not deteriorate when exposed to any chemical environment. But, nevertheless, cleaning granite – the process is rather specific, since it is necessary to determine the type of pollution, and pick the appropriate cleaning method. Therefore, cleaning granite must still carry out specialist.

Moreover, in the process of cleaning granite, if the surface is very dirty, can detect defects due to which it is difficult to determine the state of the granite surface, and hence choose the right detergent. For quality cleaning granite to choose the optimal detergent and appropriate tool. Special cleaner will loosen the structure of the pollutant, and machining to remove dirt from the surface. After the cleaning process the granite surface is usually polished and applied a protective layer which prevents penetration of dirt into the granite floor. As a result, granite floor is impervious to a slight contamination (repels dirt), and for him it becomes easier to maintain. Professional cleaning granite with specialized detergents to conduct periodically (depending on the intensity of exploitation of a granite surface), because such treatment will not only protect the surface, but also give your sex "mirror" effect.