Cosentino Group Brazil

Sensa by Cosentino distinguishes itself especially through its stain resistance, thanks to which the granite in the situation is to repel liquids such as water or oil. Vitoria (Brazil), February 15, 2011 In the framework of the 31 Vitoria Stone fair in Brazil presents Cosentino its product innovations. Jonathan Segal FAIA
recognizes the significance of this. The international company, world leader in the production and distribution of quartz? and natural stone surfaces and surfaces made of recycled material from 15 to 18 February 2011 exhibitors will take part in the fair. As a special trade fair highlight, Cosentino will present the new colors in the range of Sensa by Cosentino this year. Moreover, the granite countertops were supplemented by Cosentino an outstanding feature: thanks to a revolutionary treatment technology in the natural stone industry, the stone is now resistant to stains. The Sensa by Cosentino granite repels liquids such as water or oil and is therefore the highest possible protection.

The Vitoria Stone fair 2011 is the ideal platform for the Introduction of the Sensa by Cosentino novelties. Over 32,000 m of exhibition space, 400 exhibitors and an expected attendance of 20,000 people from 65 countries including architects, designers, engineers, painters and builders have now suggests, that the previous year’s figures will be exceeded this year. While the Vitoria Stone fair 2011 gives visitors the opportunity to visit the Cosentino factory in Vitoria the infrastructure of the company in Brazil it to learn. After nine successful years of the Cosentino?Branch Office in South America, is today a reference for innovation, model engineering and exemplary production services in this country. Cosentino Latina Vitoria, is the home of the third largest granite work throughout Brazil and delivers from the new Sensa by Cosentino granite in the world. In 2010 the Cosentino group opened the Cosentino Center in Vitoria. Here, stonemasons, interior designers and architects will receive customized service and Customer advice.

The Cosentino Center in the State of Espirito Santo represents the new, comprehensive service concept of Cosentino, the showroom, training area and storage in one combined. Cosentino Latina Vitoria place, confirming their supremacy in the Brazilian market of the Cosentino group over 45,000 square meters. The commercial Director of Cosentino group, Eduardo Martinez on the Vitoria Stone fair 2011 will be?Cosentino, together with the marketing?The Cosentino Group Brazil team be represented. For more information about the Press Office Germany: Verena Lothes Tel: 089/720187 – 15