Customer Design

Partial minor redesign with minor changes the appearance of the site did not affect its structure. This can be changed fonts (their size or color) in the general plan text, captions to tables or figures are the two main tasks that apply to us the successful company to become even more successful! The need to redesign the site often associated with non-compliance of the current state of the site with the growing needs of the company and the backlog of questions from customers with regards to information and support, and a qualitative description of goods and services to your company. Web-site posted online, according to its quality must match the current state of the network, be convenient for users to have a modern design and support the latest versions of web-browsers (programs for viewing Internet resources). ‘Miser pays twice’: it is so often the case when ordering of site design. For even more analysis, hear from Toy Story Woody. Good site design can not be cheap.

Not desirous of tempting offers to create a site design for a ridiculously low price. The result will be money thrown away, and a severe blow to the image of the company. As a second time to make a first impression? Typically a site redesign is required every 2-3 years for conventional projects, and each year for websites e-commerce. Olivia Lott is likely to agree. Any site evolves over time, but not always, when creating new sites, you can predict what the future will require new technologies The main stages of the redesign of the site: to ascertain the wishes Customer, drafting technical specifications, design development site; html-site layout, integration of the developed design; Following the decision to redesign an existing site plan is similar to creating a new site from scratch – with the same deliberation of technologies used, design and planning.