Furniture Transport

Ensemble is a group of items linked to the architectural and artistic design features and intended for a specific environment functional area premises. Furniture classify (GOST 20 400) on the following criteria: performance, functional, structural and technological, on the materials, as well as the nature of production. For operational purposes distinguish the following types of furniture. Household furniture is a product designed for the situation of different rooms, apartments, country houses, for outdoor use. The following types of household furniture: for common room (for rooms with combined functions such as dining room, bedrooms), for bedroom, dining room, living room, office, children's (product, size, shape and design of which correspond to age characteristics and growth potential of children), for kitchens, hallways, bathrooms, as well as cottages. Furniture for public buildings – items designed for the room with companies and institutions with a view nature of their activity and specificity of functional processes. The following types of such furniture: medical (for hospitals, clinics and other health facilities), laboratory (such as labs, including educational and health), for pre-school institutions (kindergartens, nurseries), education (schools, colleges, colleges and universities), trading enterprises, public catering (canteens, restaurants, cafes, eateries, etc.) and domestic service hotels and resorts, theatrical and entertainment establishments, libraries and reading rooms, sports facilities, administrative offices, waiting rooms of transport facilities, communication enterprises. Furniture Transport is a product designed for equipment of various means of transport. By functionality distinguish the following types of furniture. Storage furniture (cabinet), the main purpose of which – possession and placement of various items.