Goja – Fate Days

\”The new single by Goja – fate days for every people there in his life a few a few, but all the sophistication fate days\”. \”These are short, concise, unpredictable phases, in which opens up for a moment a time window, which, by chance, life-defining things, changes, twists arising, to set course, without that one person, of such destiny day\” lived through, this can guess before only in nuances. Under most conditions Vadim Belyaev would agree. Sometimes one gets up in the morning and don’t know that nothing more is twelve hours later, as in the past. For the author of these lines went on about the 10.09.1984, of 07.07.1993 or the December 30, 2008 as such fate days\”into its own personal, intimate history for other people called data like pure everyday be any permanent facts been averse; for these have experienced but again such fateful situations on other days, which might entirely have marked them for their further lives whether in positive or negative way. \”From the Saxon Burgstadt, producer, composer and singer Andreas gangsta with his Studio project GOJA\” recently a genuine song recorded, in which dealing with just such a day of destiny \”in the life of a man. The 45 multi-instrumentalist who started his musical career as a trumpet player in more classical areas, before he signed up the rock ‘n’ roll and later the teenage using drums, guitar, Bass and organ DDR \”band Lotus\” turned to music publishing is now 17 years with the former primary school teacher Heike Fransecky together mainly for his label, the Pipmatz.

Since then he wrote over 300 successful title for artists (E.g. Gerd Christian, Ronny Krappmann, Petra Frey, Uta Bresan, Nicole Freytag, Anke Lautenbach, Leonard, Ute Freudenberg, etc.) in friendly cooperation, which no longer indispensable the most out of today’s radio landscape. Not too long ago succeeded Heike, persuading their longtime working partners to enter himself as vocalist on the public.