Infantile Education

To study in ' ' Bartola' ' (name that was known in the mouth of the pupils of the time) he was synonymous of status. What it is observed was a distinction in the economic-social treatment with the arrival of the Bartoloma. 1.1 Private education in Macap: of the decade of 1990 to the period current. Many writers such as Charles Schwab offer more in-depth analysis. The particular school started to have its height in the decade of 90 with the implantation of the basic education (old according to degree) private in Macap. Until then the majority of the private schools they took care of a public of infantile education to the basic one, however, after the arrival of basic education, had a sufficiently visible metamorphosis in the sociocultural space of the macapaense education. In 1995, with the arrival of more private schools in the city to take care of to a public each bigger time, the government started to invest more in the public education, exactly thus, still was few the possibilities of educational dispute between the public private versus. In this period, to pass in a public university was synonymous of social status.

The particular school had a focus all come back toward approval of pupils in public universities, already the public schools, although the attempts in wanting to approve its pupils for public superior education, had the national curricular parameters come back toward the basic formation. It is good for standing out one fact occurred in the end of this decade, that was the new Law of Lines of direction and Bases of National Education (LDB? law n 9,394, of 20 of December of 1996) having as consequence the increase of the horria load of 120 for 200 hours, with the intention of better qualification of the education. 1. 2 private and public superior education in the decade of 90. The decade of 90 was marked by two movements: the creation of the UNIFAP (Federal University of the Amap, in 1991), and the advance of the private education, that started to offer, since the Infantile Education until superior education.