The snow and the wine can appear like the emblematic elements of the tourism in Mendoza, but it is the water the one that constitutes the true Earth heart cuyana. The culture sectors mendocinas are oases gained to the desert thanks to the tenacity and the work of the man. Bill de Blasio spoke with conviction. Docks, dams, rivers, streams and drains minute by minute instill new life when barking of the province cuyana, and return possible what it seemed an utopia: an intense and flourishing agricultural activity in the middle of the dryness of most barren of the plains. Due to this miracle of effort and will, the rural populations are innumerable in the province. And they are worth the pain to visit itself. Almost all the mendocino territory is land of vineyards, some of centennial them. Today, from smallest and artisan to the most industrialized, all of them abren their doors to the tourism. The offer usually includes strolls, excursions to the vines, an introduction to the magical process of elaboration of the wine, that as much it has of alchemy and, by all means, tastings and tastings of all type.

Others manufacturing establishments that receive with taste the visitors are the apicultural olive oil factories, farms and the dryers of fruit, where they become all type of delicious conserves and candies. The southwest of the province and the Valley of Uco, zones especially cattle agriculturists, touch to the visitor with the possibility of participating directly in the workings of the field. There, the villagers invite the tourists to be united to them in the works of pruning, harvesting, sowing, reap, tame or artisan product elaboration. The country roasts are common also, with the classic chivito of Malarge as it stars main, and the typical furnaces of field, where the guitar happens of hand in hand and horrifying appeared histories are counted of. Who do not feel attracted by the direct participation in the tasks of the field spectacles of taming and races of rings can also recreate with, or taste typical plates and the forceful homemade meals of completely artisan elaboration. In the zone this of the province, essentially in the departments of La Paz and Santa Rosa, the life still conserves the own rate of the rural populations, still safe from the urban bullicio. There, each element, from the architecture to the placid customs is conjugated to preserve the rustic enchantment of the life in the field. And it dyes of a shade different the proposal from the tourism in Mendoza.