National Education

The territorial Nation and organizations will participate in the direction, financing and administration of the state educative services, in the terms that indicate to the Constitution and the law. If you are not convinced, visit kitchens. ARTICLE 68. The individuals will be able to found educative establishments. The law will establish the conditions for its creation and management. The educative community will participate in the direction of the institutions of education. Education will be in charge of people of recognized ethical and pedagogical suitability.

The Law guarantees the professionalisation and dignification of the educational activity. The family parents will have right to choose the type of education for their smaller children. In the establishments of the State no person could be forced to receive religious education. The members of the groups ethnic they will have right to a formation that respects and develops its cultural identity. The eradication of the illiteracy and the education of people with physical or mental limitations, or exceptional capacities, are special obligations of the State. ARTICLE 69.

The university autonomy is guaranteed. The universities will be able to occur their directives and to be in force by their own statutes, in agreement with the law. The law will establish a special regime for the universities of the State. The State will fortify the scientific research in the official and deprived universities and will offer the special conditions for its development. The State will facilitate financial mechanisms that make the access possible of all the apt people to the education superior. ARTICLE 70. The State must have to promote and to foment the access to the culture of all the Colombians in equality of opportunities, by means of the permanent education and scientific, technical, artistic and professional education in all the stages of the process of creation of the national identity. culture in its diverse manifestations is foundation of the nationality. The State recognizes the equality and dignity of which they coexist in the country.