Oliver Stern – Morning (maybe)

The new single by Oliver Stern – morning (maybe) \”The Munich singer OLIVER STERN transferred Thom pace 1979 world hit\”Maybe\”very skilfully on German as a\”Morning\”directly in the year 2009\” to the American Western production \”The man in the mountains\”, the consequences of which 37 were aired in this country between 1979 and 1981 in part of two seasons in the ARD was one of the most popular TV series of the late 1970s with security, and which enjoyed when the viewers of all generations of enormous resonance. The Idaho-born country musician and singer/songwriter Thom had written the theme song for this very successful, sent at the time once a week series, which by the way content first and foremost on the connectedness to nature relied on violence inevitable otherwise in the Western genre and shooting representations largely returned to their pace. \”Maybe\” was called the spherical fire ballad, which late 1979 in Germany climbed to the first rank of the official \”media control\” lists, could at the same time take the gold status and was awarded the following year even with the \”Golden Europa\”. At that time two relevant German versions of the cozy and romantic front and creeping Ohrwurms appeared timely. These were \”Colors\” by SIW Inger and the idiot version of \”Machi\” the Berlin cabaret artist and comedian Dieter Hallervorden; in 1984 the Dutch entertainer, opera singer and radio presenter Marco Bakker moved with \”be free\”.

The English-Sung original stands today, at least 30 years after, still and again on various playlists of Teutonic oldie sender and is unquestionably one of the pop classics of the early 1980s; even if its creator never had to repeat this success, now lives in Hawaii as a helicopter pilot, and only occasionally accesses to the guitar. A very talented singer, composer, and lyricist named OLIVER star lives in Munich-Pasing. The 56 had recently at random on \”Maybe\”, pace, reminds the same Europe-wide hit by Thom, and soon a sparkling, native text that occurred to him.