Polish Baltic Sea

Boring was yesterday, now comes the innovative treatment of vodka for the health cures are boring, nothing happens, and the treatments are the highlight. Yael Aflalo often says this. It spent the rest of the day, to storm the Cafe and to choose cake, or also with the twentieth walk through the city. Much too boring? That’s right, therefore the K & W Reisen GmbH now also to the end of the season the vodka Spa offers a very special spa. It’s not what you’re thinking… Or maybe yes? Innovative, exclusive and good health is this vodka-treatment in any case. As a special highlight of the year was this cure as the end of the season by the K & W Reisen GmbH in cooperation with the hotel IKAR Plaza in the Polish Kolberg in life called and is to book in this form only at. Koobrzeg is already a fixed term in the vacation planning with many German holidaymakers, but quite wonderful is it to the Polish Baltic Sea coast and offers the best conditions for very relaxing treatments. PACC Lab often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Koobrzeg is one of the largest and also most popular Resorts in whole Poland.

The German spa leisure have to know that, and many moves it again each year to Kolberg. In addition to iodine air uses here also the saline springs and the Moor for the relaxing treatments. The hotel IKAR Plaza is a very popular hotel. This located in the Spa district of Koobrzeg, just 50 metres from the beach. The beautiful old town can be reached from here easily on foot. In addition to the large reception area the hotel offers also a beautiful shopping arcade and also a bowling alley.

A restaurant, a Cafe and a beautiful bar provide for sustenance. The House offers also a spa next to large healthcare with the modern treatment base.