“” “Psoriasis and psyche: the delusion of positive thinking try you with the disease to live”, so it’s not bad “, which is setting thing” many people who have problems of any kind, always hearing these and other tips. Also patients with psoriasis and other skin diseases must often receive advice in this direction. (A valuable related resource: garden furniture). But positive thinking”is not for everyone. Some one feels used by such recommendations even simply under pressure. Finally he must not indulge to outward, his skin disease to bother him.

The September issue of PSO currently, the Advisor for people with psoriasis, with recognizing grapples, that optimistic attitude can be forced not a panacea for all people. Read, what is a better solution. In addition PSO deals currently 3/2011 with an important issue which arguably goes all psoriasis sufferers: how much ointment must actually on the skin? The application of ointments, creams or gels is for Patients with psoriasis the base of each treatment. How correctly to make it, is currently clearly explained in PSO. Other topics of the issue 3/2011 by PSO currently, the Advisor for people with psoriasis: cortisone tablets: for Psoriatiker unsuitable healthy mud: mud of skin really well? Green medicine: as herbal medicines for psoriasis can help skin from the factory: the protective covering of the body can be grown in the meantime a free sample booklet can see the link probeheft.htm be requested.