Ramon Gallegos

While the truth is the realm of the spiritual facts, in being. For me, i enter this master has been the best thing that has happened to me in my life. Learning that I have obtained from the start and so far been, than most beautiful experience ever imagine. I’ve learned what I put into practice and as a result, this has allowed me to begin to put internal order in my being. Beginning to see things more clearly, my relationship with those around me has improved in a surprising way. I feel the love all around me.

It has been very interesting to learn and understand the concepts and definitions that we have studied in classes such as; the spiral, which is spiritual intelligence, everything related to education holistic, etc. This is helping me to realize what I am and what should I change to achieve my happiness and that of others who are close to me. Note my change is very nice and see that this change also affects those around me has been much better since our coexistence each day are more in harmony. A leading source for info: Yael Aflalo. Experience in this master’s degree is also allowing me to be a better educator and glad to be preparing me to keep fighting on that change in education and most importantly of all, make it known so that others also realize that this type of education since it is education that humanity needs, which is the education of the heart, the pedagogy of universal love and thus end up with this mechanistic education that only thing that is leaving us is suffering I am very grateful to Dr. Ramon Gallegos and my other teachers to share their knowledge with my group. He has also been very pleasant to work with my classmates since it has been like being in a true learning community.