American Honda

The problem is how to place a standpipe system in a double frame of cooling pipes and at the same time meet the strict standards of Honda. As vtx, Fury is equipped with a 5-speed transmission and drive shaft as the drive. By the same author: Charles Schwab Corporation . Initially, companies were thinking about installing the timing belt, but in the end the engineers settled on the actuator drive shaft, as this design has long been developed that economically more profitable. It is worth noting that at this point in the directory there is no Honda motorcycle with a toothed belt. But the mechanical filling plays a minor role in the overall concept of this bike. The company's representatives stressed that the cruisers should appeal to the emotions of bikers. Thereby the company explains its move away from typical for her comfortable cruiser. The company's representatives say that they wanted a bike on the similarity of those that appear in small private workshops. Welcome to the wild edge of the Honda "- reads the phrase in the pr materials company. Frame pipe, painted the color of the motorcycle and exposed to public review, it looks very elegant. Such exposure of frame construction has been achieved through an intricate in design fuel tank, whose capacity is due to this very design, the result was only 13 liters. But for beauty, as you know, you have to pay. Striking the front fender wraps a thin tire, highlighted by no less impressive 21-inch wheels. Rear 18-inch wheels with 200-millimeter tire is located under the wing of the traditional form with an elegant inhibitory signals. In a large lamp turning signals, which are by no means to settle accounts with clean lines and fine motorcycle, you should blame the federal laws. But the shape of the headlights, bend forward from the 45-millimeter fork tubes, can not fail to delight. If a good look at the Fury, you'll notice the lack of Honda logo on its sides. Thus, the company wants to keep the origin of the motorcycle mystery to the general public. With regard to control Fury, the representatives of the company's claim that it does not encounter any difficulties, even though chopperny angle of the front fork 38 degrees. Wheelbase Fury in 1809 cm – the longest of the entire range of Honda. Fury is one of the first model focuses on the U.S. market, which will be made on a huge new factory Honda in Kumamoto, Japan. For the American dealerships beginning sales scheduled at the end of March. What about European sales not yet known. Destined to become a new landmark, Honda Fury incorporates the purity of style and true essence of the chopper, combining it with an individual approach to each bikers, and at the same time maintaining the quality and reliability that are inherent to any motorcycle Honda ".

Tuning – The Desire For Individuality !!!

The machine has long ceased to be a luxury and became a means of transportation. Rarely see a car model that you have not yet seen, and when you meet, is quite a bit of time and such machines are already complete. Of course there are exceptions, I carry them cars produced in large quantities or not rare model, which, in turn, over time it becomes less and less. These vehicles are either in garages or secured collectors in a landfill, and all are less common on the roads. There is a logical question – what do those who want to stand out and not available at the same time significant amounts of money? There is a way, is “Tuning”.

Tuning – translated to English means debugging, tuning! The first tuning mass-produced cars began to paint the car. The origin of modern tuning is considered to be the United States. Where in the mid 20 th century, American teenagers were seriously alter their cars, some even put on cars engines from trucks. Since that time the tuning was “fever” to capture all the civilized countries. If you drop deeper, the source of the Tuning can be considered human desire to stand out. This desire is in many ways the engine of progress.

Tuning becomes more affordable and provides an opportunity to stand out to those who want it. Tuning in turn divided into the garage – it is when the master himself tuning your car, on their own, in the corresponding place name, and professional – is when your car is tuning of a group of professionals in specialized areas, and they do so a set of professional tools and equipment. Some car enough and external tuning. It includes body kits (bumper, side skirts, spoilers, etc.), painting and airbrushing cars. This, of course, talking about cars, under the hood in which a herd of no less than two hundred horses. For the rest there is an “aggregate tuning, there are changes in the internal units of machines such as the gearbox, engine, improved suspension, etc. This increases power, speed and agility. There is also a “chip tuning” – a rewrite brain machine, which also increases its power and hence speed. Tuning is becoming increasingly popular, but did not and will not polls, this is his charm. Tuning your life!