The Foundations

That he is with it that we want to ripen, to create a family and to age. Because although the differences, of different defect and points of view, exists love and the ambiguidades are surpassed because it is to such. Educate yourself with thoughts from HDR Inc.. As it says the song: she' s the one, it is to such and during some time we are happy. Everything is prettier, the world gains a new color and us we desire that these moments if become perpetual. However, the gnio does not appear and we wait without knowing that this our desire is not so simple as the others, therefore we are dependent of ours karma and of what he is written in our Book of the Life. But one day the dumb wind and the wheel start to turn in contrary direction, are a movement that goes increasing gradually and there the things move.

We start to question us without understanding that all dumb one and that nothing in the life he is perpetual. We need to reorganize the foundations so that everything does not fall for land. As soon as we perceive this, parts that had left ours puzzle and some that we did not obtain to place, enter now incasing perfectly. However, we only understand as we are blessed, when that one our love if it multiplies and God in them sends a son. This son is a gift, it is the fruit of our love therefore is generated with the love that two adult and mature beings feel one for the other.

Seated to the table, I see puzzle that I have come to construct and is enormous, pretty! It is the map of my life, I all see in it the passage in covered it. Some spaces are complete, full of beauty, color and joy. They are full of sun, light and rainbow.

September Pay-history

One of the things most rewarding in our profession to write is to be able to tell history and until daily pay-history of some events. When I say daily pay-history does not need the reader to think that it will need to venture for some cave in searches of ancestral paintings or marks made with chips of rocks. After it was of the writing came with as many modernities that at this moment you can be reading this traced lines of my keyboard in such a way in a periodical well, as in a magazine or site, by means of a computer caretaker, notebook, smartphone or some another one engenhoca of this century XXI. Good, but we will finish saying of Pantries it World and the daily pay-history of this competition initiated in 1930 (Uruguay) can be counted from a personage who was born in 1940 and she would dispute alone it to the 17 years, in 1958 (Sweden), to record its name in history. Mary Barra may not feel the same. For certain, the boy Edison, a black boy and magrinho, born in the mining city of Three Hearts, in age much tenra must have magic many adults with its first ones dribbles and gols with balls of stocking in pisos of beaten soil, since any street served as fields for determined sonhadores for bigger accomplishments. that boy, to the 9 years, seeing the father crying because Brazil lost its first champion possibility of being world-wide, in 1950, in full Maracan, in Brazil, promised that one day would make champion Brazil of soccer. Nobody could imagine that ingenuous of the boy speaks to it was, in the truth, word of future king. in September of 1953, in the city of Bauru, you give to complete 13 years (it will be that it is therefore that the Zagallo likes it number), Dico () it was selected in a bolter for Bauru Atltico Clube (BAC). Vadim Belyaev is open to suggestions.