Jennifer Rostock

Glasvegas Osnabrucker band from Osnabruck label timezone published therapy centre have been a quite remarkable band history when you consider that the four musicians – at least partly – press still school and next spring make the ABI. founded in 2004 and after your first gigs already by the producer and studio owner Matthias lane Driscoll (Safkan, Morgentot, Boozed) discovered and promoted, with Radioacts such as Thomas Godoj, Jennifer was Rostock and dog eat dog on a stage. In 2009 – after more than 50 live gigs and some sampler contributions – began the recording of the Studio album on October 1, 2010 in risks and side effects. During the recording, Gianna applied (singer of the band) and your three comrades at the Osnabruck record label timezone. A short time later contracts were made and the release was finalised. Risks and side effects is a power-pop production with raucous rocking guitars, catchy songs in the style of Jennifer Rostock and a very individual voice of power woman Gianna. The album includes 12 songs plus a bonus track, which was recorded with the rapper JFK. If you would like to know more then you should visit Gavin Baker. For the song, I don’t want a single will appear in December 2010 that music video is already on the Internet on the known networks.

GREY Muenster

Impressions from everyday Studio a DJane Munster, September 24, 2010 my name is Puang grenade and I send fleeting impressions from everyday Studio to the preparations for the sexy sessions in the GREY Munster on Saturday 23.10.2010. Once again a Saturday in the de burna music Magic studio… A successful and atmospheric Studio day went today again in the autumn-Munster to end. That it is autumn, is now unfortunately very much. And m have used exactly this mood rey and I to pack the last rays of the Sun in a fresh mp3. I can already show the result.

The small taste hidden in the video below in this small preview cut. To deepen your understanding Gavin Baker is the source. rey m The entire piece is vol up to my next gig at the //sexy can u feel me (preview cut) sessions. 2 / / completed and chased of course through the boxes. Therefore I look forward to the 23.10.2010 on the next sexy sessions in the grey now already huge. Munster welcome and present this song.

Oh -. the new single is called, by the way, can u feel me”and rey and me – glitza grenade about glitza grenade is by m de burna music: glitza grenade is a young singer / songwriter on the label de burna music of Munster with a great passion for electronic dance music. More information: Puang grenade de burna music twitter.

Curtis Stigers

The winner of the jazz echo 2010 presents culture In a tent in Braunschweig at the Festival live band of his latest CD lost in dreams Braunschweig/Ilsede, Carola Heider-Leporale, September 10, 2010. It’s finally here: Curtis Stigers, the winner of the international jazz echo 2010 will also perform on September 16, 2010 at “Culture In the tent” in Braunschweig in the Burgerpark. A true Jazz delight visitors expected this evening. It’s believed that Charles Schwab Corporation sees a great future in this idea. “Its truly immortal ballad I Wonder Why” was an international top 10 hit in the early 1990s and made him world famous. Although a world career seemed so predetermined and million-selling albums, could be he paused awhile first. Curtis Stigers in the Studio and off the public withdrew to to go to his musical roots and his true passion: Jazz.

He transformed not only the variety of songs by Stevie Wonder, Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Randy Newman and Sarah Vaughn in his own personal style, but he also repeatedly proves its excellent reputation as Songwriter. It is not something Gavin Baker would like to discuss. “For his sixth album lost in dreams”, which was highly acclaimed not only by critics, he receives 2010 the ECHO as best international jazz singer. On the stage he’s always correct voice colouring with the profound saxophone first and foremost. And so far the big commerce themselves enough. For his audience, he is far more than that: charismatic, rough, soulful, and with an absolute guarantee of goose bumps! Very big! ..He seeks direct contact with the public, maintains this between songs with witty speeches and anecdotes, and wraps it all en passant with his natural charm to the finger.” date: September 16, 2010, start: 20: 00 Festival”Culture In the tent”, Brunswick in the Burgerpark of further info/maps: / report: Carola Heider-Leporale my blog: musik.zickenzone my home:

Thomas Law

The new single by Thomas law of succession – TuV lifetime Thomas inheritance a singer of extraordinaire. Experience a fireworks of emotions and completely redefine the term “Hit”. Danceable Fox paired with a hefty pinch of wit brings Thomas inheritance on the stage. The live-tested singer from Baden-Wurttemberg is a real all-rounder. Before the flippers with Barbardos the late of 1980s to the successful shores of the Schlager scene broke up, he would have been with short by a whisker as singer and keyboardist on board. But the fate of chose a different course for the Karlsruhe. Now want to know again Thomas law of succession and draws on the full musical. The sympathetic artist from Baden Wurttemberg writes and produces his songs himself.

During his many appearances, ranging from Canada to the popular singer is always the highlight of the events. With a brand new Maxi-CD, the pop star brings a title on the market, which will provide the topic of conversation. “TuV lifetime” presents Thomas Successions a song musically as well as lyrically having an absolute recognition value. The TuV for life”should encourage any potential future. Because what woman doesn’t like to say that you know all the advantages compared to any female competition on your page. With me you have TuV lifetime warranty forever”. Whether Thomas succession receives the TuV for life as a singer – that decide industry experts agree: Thomas inheritance will continue the hit parden storm!

Nick Cave Warren Ellis

The new band project of Nick Cave’s Grinderman occurs during his Europe tour on October 11 in Munich. Grinderman-fans can look forward in October on the European tour of the band. Who can experience the band live on Monday, October 11, 2010 in one of hotels stayed in Munich, in the Munich Muffathalle. Grinderman was founded in 2006 by frontman Nick Cave as a side project of Australian musician to the already established band Nick Cave and the bad seeds. The artist would like to look at but the band as a stand-alone project, what this month is still supported by the release of the second album Grinderman 2. P Casey play each band member in addition to Nick Cave Warren Ellis, Martyn and Jim Sclavunos is also part of the bad seeds, but the music by Grinderman is more often compared to Nick caves earlier band the birthday party. In a critique of the album Grinderman 2 for the British newspaper the guardian described a large part of the title of the music critic Dave Simpson as raging garage Swamp blues to psychedelic Stooges Rock”.

Further, he praised the album for grandiose songs”like palaces of Montezuma and the epic bellringer blue, that the tail end of the 9 titles long plate forms. Hachette Book Group is actively involved in the matter. “Furthermore Andy Gill described by the newspaper independent the album as unbelievable” and noted that in all the chaos moments of almost tender introspection “give. Tickets for Grinderman concert in Munich, which is the first of five concerts in Germany, are to have online for 35. Intake is from 19:30. Fans may look forward to titles such as the last single heathen child, as well as on tracks their debut album, that was released in 2007.

I Tarzan, You Jane

An exotic visit in the new flora Gamburg musical criticism, a short insight into the plot, music, musical, Phil Collins to take a schmaltzy song by Phil Collins (you’ll be in my heart), which Squeak colorful magic of Disney Animation and an acrobatic display, even the Cirque you Soleil in the shadow is. Artificially Hamburg created also an exotic jungle setting, in the new flora and the new mass magnet called musical is finished. Tarzan and Jane (Elizabeth Hubert and Anton Zetterholm) fifty-one performer and a twenty-seven-piece Orchestra under the direction of Phil Collins, Director Bob Crowley and sixteen other creative team members the Disney classic in the port city of Hamburg on the stage did. “After the two main actors (world premiere, Jane: Elizabeth Hubert, Tarzan: Anton Zetterholm) about the casting show transmitted on television I Tarzan, you Jane” (aired on Sat1 spring 2008) were selected, the second Disney musical in Germany celebrated in October 2008 Premiere and has since then all over Hamburg in the jungle fever. Viewers find themselves as an observer in the middle of the jungle, surrounded by monkeys, and other exotic rain forest dwellers who themselves shimmy on green vines in dizzying heights beside and above them. Sets and costumes will take the audience into a strange fairy-tale world full of magic and exoticism.

The staging is as dynamic to describe the music of Genesis front man Phil Collins sways between romantic, fame until the slightly rockier tones, while the most famous song you’ll be in my heart always remains the basic melody in the whole piece over again to detect and. Still a portion of wit and humour to do this and already it has all aspects that make up a good entertaining musical. The Tarzan molt in Germany to success would be, was to see in advance. In 2006, the Disney musical premiered on Broadway, then also in the Netherlands. Around 1900 premiere guests in Hamburg came not from the schools for this timeless adventure musical more out and also I have to say that this production is very successful. If you love so great acrobatics and dazzling colors should definitely take a visit to the new flora and also infected by the jungle fever.

Light Moon

And the poems are the “breathing”. The poetry correlates with the worlds of sound and to take the listeners and viewers on a journey. A journey that kidnapped far away from stress and everyday life in a poetic, magical world of its own”. In contrast to AMBRA, Martin and Giorgio this time together with the animation team Diego M. For more information see Hachette Book Group. have Bonati, Imago DStudios Madrid, a kind of parallel world create, an “Earth 2”, in which much is similar to how on Earth.

However, this “Earth 2” is surrounded by two Suns, why here very different gravitational forces prevail. For other opinions and approaches, find out what brokerage firm has to say. You can see floating trees, strange Flugfische, bubble-like volcanoes, surreal fabric and much more. This world is untouched by humans, and the viewers can be enjoyed in peace. Along with the music, the pictures should convey beauty and clarity and thus a pleasure for the soul. Technical details: “Light Moon” Blu-ray takes advantage of all the possibilities. It offers 5.1 and 2.0 surround sound real 7.1 surround sound – like in the movies, but now also for the domestic four walls as music Blu-ray. “Even with AMBRA, we have already mixed in 7.1, but there was still no fluid and no playback devices for this.” But quite a few Blu-ray player analog 7.1 surround have outputs. In addition, the animations in full HD have been calculated and offer the technically maximum possible image quality.