Education Intelligence

This proposal appeared in a research of field in the Fair of the Entrepreneur in the Expo? Center organized for the SEBRAI/S.P where they had participated micron, average and great Companies in the diverse pursuings of market. At the moment of the research of field in the Fair of the Entrepreneur, this researcher observed a great number of Companies of directed consultorias to supply reeducativas necessities and innovations in the production of the Companies. Learn more about this with U.S. Mint. This article also looks for to debate the man as to be social that even so limited for the conditions, space and secular, where if they find, they possess in its essence intelligences that if reveal when despertados by an educational environment. It was through the research of field and the reading of some authors who, with ousadia that this researcher, indicates in this article the Pedagogo as Productive Intelligence. This as a new professional who, with its pedagogical knowledge in the area of the education, awake and potencializa intelligences in the professionals of the corporative world for its success not only professional, but as person human being. JUSTIFICATION the Pedagogo as Productive Intelligence has as purpose through the education a requalification in the mental process of the man, that is, a quality of thought as human being and professional in way to the differences and the scientific and technological transformations, as it clarifies (LIBNEO, 2005 P. 28) ' ' in fact with ' ' intelectualizao' ' of the productive process, the worker cannot more be improvisado' '. The intention of the Pedagogo as ' ' Produtiva&#039 intelligence; ' is to use its tool of work the Education, as: didactic knowledge, pedagogical activities and critical reflection to construct of a new relation of work, therefore according to Anthropologist Carlos Brando cited for (LIBNEO; 2005 p.26) ' ' nobody escapes of educao' '. Pedagogo as Productive Intelligence has the intentional education all as performance field, being mediating in surrounding where the man exists, through new concepts of thoughts, knowledge, Intelligences and productivity of the citizen, and to acquire knowledge that all the people have its importance and its contribution, since the simplest activity of production, until most complex.

United Arab Emirates

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Problems Of Learning

With the historical evolution of the society, the school if presents as responsible institution for the socialization, access to the information and transmission of the knowledge socially constructed. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Laffey Real Estate by clicking through. The education must guarantee the equality of chance for all the people in the combat to the social exclusion and pertaining to school failure. We can say that the failure pertaining to school and the problems of learning are formed by diverse linked factors, that transit of the personal scope to the social one. We cannot risking in them in pointing culprits, but we must search solutions ample that take care of of satisfactory form the causes of these questions. Soon, it is paper of the professionals of the education to point alternatives, as much in what it refers to politics, how much of the point of view of the practical ones of education. In this perspective some proposals of pedagogical interventions and actions will be argued that can dilute the possible problems of learning of the pupils. First it fits to stand out that the position and the attitude of the educator are essential in relation of education and learning, in way that the student must feel that the professor believes and trusts its capacities and potentialities, especially if this pupil already lived a history of pertaining to school failure or possesss a partner-familiar trajectory of problems. One is about a new to look at of the professor for the pupil, in a work that also touches in auto-esteem of the child, making to perceive it that it is capable to learn and the paper of the mediating professor while of the knowledge is to help it and not to judge it as incapable. In this context, all compliment becomes a stimulaton for educating it instigates and it to surpass new challenges and to reach good resulted. In a similar way, we can detach the boarded concept for Vygotsky on zone of real development (that it is defined as something already acquired by the citizen and determines what it obtains to make in independent way and without the aid of the people), zone of potential development (that it is the capacity of the individual in carrying through tasks with the aid and instructions of other people) and zone of proximal development (that is in the distance between the real development and the potential: what the child is capable to make today with the aid of somebody, will obtain to make tomorrow alone).

The Aniversariante Joo

The exercise contained relative questions to the cohesion for substitution, was about a text with spaces to be filled for some of the six words sinnimas that they had been suggested (the Aniversariante, the Pope, the Pontiff, the Saint Padre, the pope and Joo Pablo II). It tells to the anniversary of the Pope Joo Pablo II in form of a short narration that needs the textualidade mechanisms to prevent the repetition of one same term. After the concluded answers, occurred the collection of data, in the total of 25 samples, which had been evaluated by its occurrences. One perceived that the same terms, in case that it had repetition, occurred distant one of the others; also the occurrence of the personal proname of the straight case was evidenced ‘ ‘ Ele’ ‘ to substitute of anafrica form the term ‘ ‘ Joo Pablo II’ ‘ that he occurs in the beginning of the text and one is about the main term that would be substituted by synonymous. One still noticed from the sampling of data that had a great occurrence of a synonymous one, to fill space the same, what he leads to evidence that it was considered by the falantes the most adjusted semantically to the context.

Still, he can yourself to perceive that he had spaces that they had not been used the lexicon Joo Pablo II, space 1 and space 6. In this manner these words in the measure that are used go recouping the direction of that they had been pronounced previously, of form not to have repetitions. Table 1: Occurrence of the lexicons in the exercise in its respective spaces Source: Exercises (Sample) Ahead of the excellent analyses it was arrived resulted, whose substitute words go to contribute for the semantic field, these if they present around 0,51% for the word ‘ ‘ Ele’ ‘ , 12.37% for ‘ ‘ Sumo Pontfice’ ‘ , 15.46% for ‘ ‘ The Padre’ Saint; ‘ , 17% for ‘ ‘ The Aniversariante’ ‘ ‘ ‘ The Papa’ ‘ , 17.5% for ‘ ‘ The Pontfice’ ‘ 20.10% for ‘ ‘ Joo Pablo II’ ‘.. Others including Joeb Moore & Partners , offer their opinions as well.

Summer and Winter Schools in Russia

We all know that the present level of school education in Russia is not the same and decreases with each passing year. The average home school student is not famous for wit and acumen, as evidenced by the level of students of our colleges and universities. However, in any, even very high school gifted students will always be striving for something greater than the bulk of their classmates. But sometimes a big problem these guys in a lack of like-minded peers who think with them "on the same wavelength," which makes them white crows in their school and leads to the weakening desire for learning. Jonathan Segal FAIA can provide more clarity in the matter. The best method to create for gifted pupils suitable medium of intellectual communication is the Winter and Summer Schools. Practice shows that constant communication with their peers, motivated by learning, gives children a push for a successful intellectual development, and often the strength to resist the negative impact of the world.

Currently, there are a number of a variety of summer and winter schools. Usually, they are held during school vacation at one of children's health camps. They differ from each direction. But in the main they are all alike – summer and winter school consists of learning and leisure. Classes tend to lead teachers Universities, graduate students, students, teachers leading schools. Sometimes a visiting school teachers are invited in addition to the permanent and so-called "guests" – experts in their fields, who give lectures and hold seminars with students.

As I mentioned, life in such schools is not limited to training. This is recreation, including sports, drama competitions, role-playing and mind games, KVN, and more. But perhaps one of the most important components of winter and summer schools – is an intense intellectual communication, which is so often lacking in everyday life. So, if you still do not know how to spend the holidays, you know – always can be both pleasant and useful time. While talking about it almost meaningless. The best way to know what the summer or winter school – is to go there.

Infantile Education

To study in ' ' Bartola' ' (name that was known in the mouth of the pupils of the time) he was synonymous of status. What it is observed was a distinction in the economic-social treatment with the arrival of the Bartoloma. 1.1 Private education in Macap: of the decade of 1990 to the period current. Many writers such as Charles Schwab offer more in-depth analysis. The particular school started to have its height in the decade of 90 with the implantation of the basic education (old according to degree) private in Macap. Until then the majority of the private schools they took care of a public of infantile education to the basic one, however, after the arrival of basic education, had a sufficiently visible metamorphosis in the sociocultural space of the macapaense education. In 1995, with the arrival of more private schools in the city to take care of to a public each bigger time, the government started to invest more in the public education, exactly thus, still was few the possibilities of educational dispute between the public private versus. In this period, to pass in a public university was synonymous of social status.

The particular school had a focus all come back toward approval of pupils in public universities, already the public schools, although the attempts in wanting to approve its pupils for public superior education, had the national curricular parameters come back toward the basic formation. It is good for standing out one fact occurred in the end of this decade, that was the new Law of Lines of direction and Bases of National Education (LDB? law n 9,394, of 20 of December of 1996) having as consequence the increase of the horria load of 120 for 200 hours, with the intention of better qualification of the education. 1. 2 private and public superior education in the decade of 90. The decade of 90 was marked by two movements: the creation of the UNIFAP (Federal University of the Amap, in 1991), and the advance of the private education, that started to offer, since the Infantile Education until superior education.

The Languages

The professor not only transmits the knowledge or makes questions, but also the pupil hears, must give attention to it and take care of so that it learns to express itself, to display its opinions. According to Dembo apud FERMINO et al, (1994, p.57), ‘ ‘ Evidences suggest that a great number of pupils possesss characteristics that require educational attention diferenciada’ ‘. In this direction, a work psicopedaggico can contribute very, assisting educators to deepen its knowledge on the theories of education and learning and the recent contributions of diverse areas of the knowledge, redefining them and synthecizing them in an educative action. FINAL CONSIDERAES psicopedagogo are extremely important in the pertaining to school institution, therefore this professional stimulates the development of interpersonal relations, the establishment of bonds, the use of compatible methods of education with the most recent conceptions regarding this process. Search to involve the pertaining to school team, helping it to extend it the look around the pupil and of the circumstances of production of the knowledge, being helped the pupil to surpass the obstacles that if interpose to the full domain of the necessary tools to the reading of the world. Therefore, the professional of the Psicopedagogia considers and assists in the development of projects favorable to the educational changes, aiming at to the discovery and the development of the capacities of the child, as well as it can contribute so that the pupils are capable to look at this world where he lives to know to interpret it and of in it having conditions to intervene with security and ability.