Education Intelligence

This proposal appeared in a research of field in the Fair of the Entrepreneur in the Expo? Center organized for the SEBRAI/S.P where they had participated micron, average and great Companies in the diverse pursuings of market. At the moment of the research of field in the Fair of the Entrepreneur, this researcher observed a great number of Companies of directed consultorias to supply reeducativas necessities and innovations in the production of the Companies. Learn more about this with U.S. Mint. This article also looks for to debate the man as to be social that even so limited for the conditions, space and secular, where if they find, they possess in its essence intelligences that if reveal when despertados by an educational environment. It was through the research of field and the reading of some authors who, with ousadia that this researcher, indicates in this article the Pedagogo as Productive Intelligence. This as a new professional who, with its pedagogical knowledge in the area of the education, awake and potencializa intelligences in the professionals of the corporative world for its success not only professional, but as person human being. JUSTIFICATION the Pedagogo as Productive Intelligence has as purpose through the education a requalification in the mental process of the man, that is, a quality of thought as human being and professional in way to the differences and the scientific and technological transformations, as it clarifies (LIBNEO, 2005 P. 28) ' ' in fact with ' ' intelectualizao' ' of the productive process, the worker cannot more be improvisado' '. The intention of the Pedagogo as ' ' Produtiva&#039 intelligence; ' is to use its tool of work the Education, as: didactic knowledge, pedagogical activities and critical reflection to construct of a new relation of work, therefore according to Anthropologist Carlos Brando cited for (LIBNEO; 2005 p.26) ' ' nobody escapes of educao' '. Pedagogo as Productive Intelligence has the intentional education all as performance field, being mediating in surrounding where the man exists, through new concepts of thoughts, knowledge, Intelligences and productivity of the citizen, and to acquire knowledge that all the people have its importance and its contribution, since the simplest activity of production, until most complex.

United Arab Emirates

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Problems Of Learning

With the historical evolution of the society, the school if presents as responsible institution for the socialization, access to the information and transmission of the knowledge socially constructed. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Laffey Real Estate by clicking through. The education must guarantee the equality of chance for all the people in the combat to the social exclusion and pertaining to school failure. We can say that the failure pertaining to school and the problems of learning are formed by diverse linked factors, that transit of the personal scope to the social one. We cannot risking in them in pointing culprits, but we must search solutions ample that take care of of satisfactory form the causes of these questions. Soon, it is paper of the professionals of the education to point alternatives, as much in what it refers to politics, how much of the point of view of the practical ones of education. In this perspective some proposals of pedagogical interventions and actions will be argued that can dilute the possible problems of learning of the pupils. First it fits to stand out that the position and the attitude of the educator are essential in relation of education and learning, in way that the student must feel that the professor believes and trusts its capacities and potentialities, especially if this pupil already lived a history of pertaining to school failure or possesss a partner-familiar trajectory of problems. One is about a new to look at of the professor for the pupil, in a work that also touches in auto-esteem of the child, making to perceive it that it is capable to learn and the paper of the mediating professor while of the knowledge is to help it and not to judge it as incapable. In this context, all compliment becomes a stimulaton for educating it instigates and it to surpass new challenges and to reach good resulted. In a similar way, we can detach the boarded concept for Vygotsky on zone of real development (that it is defined as something already acquired by the citizen and determines what it obtains to make in independent way and without the aid of the people), zone of potential development (that it is the capacity of the individual in carrying through tasks with the aid and instructions of other people) and zone of proximal development (that is in the distance between the real development and the potential: what the child is capable to make today with the aid of somebody, will obtain to make tomorrow alone).