Interesting Website

Let's say you decide to make a website to earn it. Since its establishment in front of you is no less difficult task, to do promotion in search engines. How difficult is it? It depends, first, from the competition in the subject, and, vtoroh on what key words, phrases you untwist the site. Unfortunately, it is possible to determine only the frequency of the desired query in Yandex (the most popular search engine Runet), but not its competition. Until recently (August 31 last year) it could be done through existing in the advanced search operators Yandex link and anchor, which determined the number bekov (incoming links) with the right key phrases. But there is some analog of it, allowing, however, only very roughly determine the number of anchor.

It is well-known gourmet search engine Well, competition and complexity of the promotion identified. What now. Your action-search sites (other resources) for placement of articles. It is now one of the important ways to promote the newly created site, as a mutual exchange of articles or links to a site with zero rates of webmasters are reluctant to exercise. And the link exchange has lost its former significance, since it is suitable only for display in the top only nizkokonkurentnyh phrases. Promoting the site, try to use on opportunities exclusively white methods that do not violate the license Yandex and regulations of other search engines (read about the different methods of promoting a web site), or exclude your site from search base and all your work goes down the drain.

And more. By placing links in articles, try to give them a more natural look. This is best appreciated by the search engines because they do not create the impression that the site is artificially hyping. How much time must pass before site promotion in search engines for a given request? There is no simple answer, everything depends on competitive phrases defined algorithms and search engines. If you achieve a leading position in Yandex in Last year it was possible and after 2 months, the Rambler and Google (especially for English language sites in the zone com) may be required by 4 months and even years. Now the site can achieve the desired position in Yandex in a year if make appropriate efforts to this. However, if time is short, you can use contextual advertising to advertise the site on the Internet. The latter option is more suited to those whose Web site is designed for advertising sold product (provided services) and businessman wants as quickly as possible to earn income. Especially if its product is of a purely seasonal.