Elena Barcena Arguelles Authorities

They have been made available to Venezuela immigration authorities for illegal entry into the country. They travelled on a sailboat with the Spanish flag when they suffered a breakdown. Arrested three ETA when they tried to reach by boat from Cuba to Venezuela. Venezuela immigration authorities keep retained the three ETA arrested this Thursday when they tried to illegally enter the country in a recreational vehicle from Cuba. As reported by sources of the fight against terrorism, Elena Barcena Arguelles, Francisco Perez Lekue and Jose Ignacio Etxarte Urbieta, arrested in the tourist area of Los Roques off the Venezuelan coast they had fled a few days ago of Cuba and have been made available to Venezuela immigration authorities for illegal entry into the country. The Venezuelan newspaper El Universal reports Friday that the three ETA came to Los Roques in a sailboat with Spanish flag of Silver Clouds name together with a citizen of Haiti, Sadir Allyn, and another of Cape Green, Carlos Mendes, who was the skipper.

Sources from the coast guard command of the Navy have stated to this newspaper that the ETA arrived at Los Roques after it suffered a breakdown and that, to help and require them the documentation of rigor, authorities discovered that the boat had not received permission from any main port of Venezuela. Of the three detained ETA, you only have cases pending in Spain Jose Ignacio Etxarte Urbieta, alias curls and Maria Antonia. As reported by legal sources, time Venezuelan authorities not have communicated officially Etxarte Urbieta detention the judge of the national audience Eloy Velasco, who on March 1, 2010 prosecuted together with other five ETA by a crime of possession of explosives in collaboration with armed band and ordered their search and capture for the purpose of extradition. In the order of processing, the judge claimed that there were indications of cooperation of the Government of Venezuela in the Alliance between ETA and the revolutionary armed forces of Colombia (FARC) guerrillas. Source of the news: the three ETA arrested in Venezuela entered the country on a sailboat with Spanish flag