Moving Story

Grow up DDR – a girl is hard is adult. On the way of the adult s, lots of exciting things happen. Only when she meets the love, she realizes that there is more in life. To go, always with the desire in the West, she are still barely have the chance to be happy. She grew up in the GDR, although she was born in the West, she had not the choice to decide for themselves. But as she got older, the more the urge for freedom in her seethed.

She wanted to determine their own lives. Again and again, it encounters resistance. Whether in the family or by the Government of the German Democratic Republic. She did not accept that, because then she would have to give up their idea of life in freedom. To do this, she wasn’t ready.

So she drinks constantly and more and more. That you meet the love she do not understand. Finally they were feelings that she didn’t know. The love, the first kiss. Sex and also desire can not classify them. Love is a feeling, what they did not understand what they but also not ignore could. Learn more at this site: Hachette Book Group. It was so strong, almost stronger than the dream of freedom. She lives just for the moment. She gave up long time thinking about the future. Because how she imagines her future, she will never be. The girl is applying with each. With young people in their age or even people from the Stasi. She says what she thinks. Even though she know that it has consequences. She can not bend, but must realize that she must be always to make their own decisions. Such is life. You must live with it, everyone, also Maria. She decided, for love, for living with a man in a country where she can never freely think and act. “Whether they that endures the book longing or adult who is is not easy” which soon appears the author is born in the West but grew up in the GDR. Trouble with the system it was clear very early for them to go to the West. The GDR’s book growing up is hard”shows their youth in broad terms. The book of longing or adult is not easy”showing the way as a young woman. Some people that are described in this book, are identical, others do not. The sequence of events is changed. But the most marked events correspond to the truth. This book is a narrative in the autobiographical style and enthralls the reader to the story of the young protagonist. Book title; DDR growing up is hard the author; Manuela Polaszczyk the ISBN of the book is: 9783837028010,

Constructing A Literature Concept

INTRODUCTION the form as education is developed learning of Literature comes sufficiently being questioned for some theoreticians whom they search to understand this subject. It is important to think about this question, therefore many times we perceive in relation to the education of Literature that this is atrelado to a well closed form, that is, its main concepts are transmitted to the pupils ready only to be decorated and repeated by them. This fact influence in the learning and the understanding of what it would be Literature really for the life of the pupil. It is as if it was an unknown horizon that belonged only to the poets, writers who if had become rules in Literature. In this context that the participation of the professor of Literature could be differentiated approaching the subject involving the pupil and this to feel itself as subject main of its proper learning. The problem of the education of Literature generally occurs when we conceive the concept or proper literary text as static that not accepted changes, therefore what really we perceive is that the field of Literature is, over all, moving and unstable and an analysis of a literary text can move of reader for reader, of time for time.

Author Mrcia Abreu (2006) very works well the question when explaining that she must yourself be made reflections thinking to them what we can consider literature, that is, when I can consider a literary text. This question for the author is a question that has led to many errors in the hour if to evaluate a literary text and a not literary one. The cited author accents the fact of the literature concept not to be something objective and universal, but cultural and historical, to think literature is necessary to reflect on the literary terms (Mrcia Abreu, 2006) In relation to the reading of literary texts we can bring for the text the author Barbosa, for it literature never is only literature; what we read as literature is always more – it is History, Psychology, Sociology.