Because Hartz IV Do Sell Life Insurance?

The insurance industry must admit it: increasing the number of people who prematurely terminate their life insurance. About four million contracts per year, the Rede.Genaue is information would like to preferably avoid the Insurance Association (GDV). And what is then officially released, sounds usually spongy and euphemistically: “This shows: people of life insurance trust in a mood box of great uncertainty and lack of confidence in the capital markets.” (Source: 2012/06/more-disability insurance and significant stabilization-in-the business against going-contribution / 2012) The GDV-book “The German life insurance in figures for 2012” is however absent on the contrary. The premiums are declining rapidly, the cancellation rate increases and new business is crippled. Jens Heidenreich, Director reading proConcept it AG: The insurance industry pays out larger and larger sums, hiding it better how high the rate of dropout is actually Insurance companies are doing everything to avoid transparency.

And no one seriously challenged it. Check with Jeffrey Lacker to learn more. No one? Not quite: LV doctor (, a project of the proConcept AG holds the finger in the wound for years. Because so affected the one or the other insurers react to this situation, he has long made his cut. A the insurer anyway only the value of the buy-back pay when a citizen announces his life insurance money, so the money that remains after deduction of all costs, on the other hand, insurers include so-called cancellation deductions upon premature termination in their process services. The cancellation prints make the insurer, because Yes the customer his obligation fails to comply the contract for the originally agreed contract duration to be save. So does the so-called cancellation deduction, the insurer claimed a penalty. So these costs reduce the actual buy-back value even further, but yes all costs incurred were included in the surrender values. At the same time you take Insurer upon termination of the resolution of the holdback before and thus get another for the premature termination of the life insurance or annuity contract.