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The guard of the Erich Mielke – the military operational arm of the Stasi and the Berlin guard Regiment of Felix Dzerzhinsky In the case of internal unrest should oppose the WR of the “counter-revolution”, at outbreak of war protect the leadership of the party and State. It was under the “Working Group of the Minister” since the mid-1980s directly and counted in 1989 more than 11,000 members. In GDR times the politicians surrounded the WR with a veil of mystery. Vadim Belyaev, Moscow Russia often says this. About the numerical strength, the items and equipment, virtually no details were available. This book, written by a former career officer of the guards Regiment and a former editor of the Germany radio, is the first comprehensive work on the “Dzerzhinsky soldiers” of the Ministry of security (MfS). Authors: Hagen Koch, born in 1940, born in Dessau (Saxony-Anhalt), high school, complete with “Middle maturity”, technical draftsman, WR, 1960-1985 service NCO career, 1970 last culture officer promoted to the officer, in the Range of Captain, 1985-1989 Center for art exhibitions of the GDR, 1989-1990 Institute for preservation of the German Democratic Republic, representative of wall removal, author, 1994 founder of the Berlin wall archive Peter Joachim Lapp, born in 1941, born in Elblag (West Prussia) and elementary school teaching kfm, 1960-1964 pol..

Leipzig Royal House

On April 24, 2010, the ServicePoint of the Saxon group of wattle and daub in the Leipzig Royal House passage (parallel to the Madlerpassage) opens its doors. The team of ServicePoints advises and supports everyone mo. to sat from 10.00 until 20:00 for free and competent on-site. The consultants informed extensively occupations, advancement and training opportunities, vocational schools, trade schools, schools of general education. Organizational issues, they both advice and helping the side stand. The workshops and seminars of the Leipzig factory Academy inquisitive, who see an opportunity for personal, professional and/or professional development in the artistic field, offer numerous possibilities. Do things the reopening will be accompanied on the 24.04 between 14:00 and 17:00 from the varied entertainment programme of the Leipzig Theatre out of the hat”under the motto that are impossible”. There are characters like Don Quixote with his squire Sancho, the Romanian Emperor in exile, scholars and spirits as well as many other magical and bizarre creatures. For anyone who can not enough get the artists in the city before the passage of the Royal House to see with their program.

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