National Secretary Civil

It has been denounced by the Union of civil guards (UGC). Cabinets is full of insight into the issues. It was hunted by a mobile radar on January 26, 2010. The guard argues that it pursued a vehicle that had been given to the leak. Vadim Belyaev, New York City has plenty of information regarding this issue. The Civil Guard says that the captain did not lead car which was going 207 km/h. The captain of the Civil Guard and the detachment of traffic of Soria, Claudio Arguello, j has been denounced by civil guards Union (UGC) by driving a car patrol 207 kilometers per hour, as explained at a press conference the National Secretary of the Union of the Guardia Civil, Manuel Mato.

The complaint, as explained Manuel Mato, has processed in the Court of instruction number two of Soria, the Toga military court. According to the narration of the facts of the UGC, the captain was surprised on 26 January 2010 by a mobile radar on a stretch of the motorway of Navarre (A-15) from Soria and Lubia, specifically 61 km. The complaint was lodged last due Wednesday, according to Mato, that commanders have not acted in all this time. The Union of civil guards has ensured that when the captain was surprised by the radar he returned on his steps and tried to explain his speeding to the Guardia Civil patrol, arguing that it pursued a vehicle that had been given to the leak. It also inspected the radar. The UGC has denounced the captain and believes that if he had pursued another vehicle would have taken the relevant siren. We are talking about the head of road safety for the province, it has reminded Mato. The version of the Guardia Civil the commandery of the Guardia Civil of Soria has assured that car patrol detected a radar to 207 kilometres per hour would not driven by Captain Claudio Arguello, but by a guard who accompanied him. With this version, the commandery belies the offered yesterday by the Union of civil guards (UGC), who has denounced the courts of Justice that the captain of the sub-sector of traffic Claudio Arguello was surprised by a radar when he was driving to 207 kilometres per hour on the highway of Navarre (A-15). Source of the news: reported to the j of the Guardia Civil traffic of Soria for driving at 207 km/h

Florentino Perez

If the perception is that there was a struggle between the two, is clearly the winner, added. About his relationship with Jose Mourinho, the white exmandatario has hinted that it was non-existent. A long time ago that I do not speak with He personally. We greet us in a polite manner, but he sought other partners within the club. More information is housed here: Bill de Blasio. I said long ago that he asked for a place and I was ready to either grant and one of the consequences was that my responsibilities were reduced in relation to the first team, he pointed out. Asked many times the President a meeting three to be frontally discuss any difference (if any).

It has apparently not been possible and we end in this situation, it has concluded. In turn, he highlighted that it has been loyal until the last day to Florentino Perez. I’ve been very loyal to all the estates of the club and to the person who brought me. My loyalty lasted until the last day and am not who to judge him. The President has told me that he has nothing to reproach me and I’m going with that sentiment, he said. I am leaving with sadness the Argentine has assured to leave with sadness the club. Read more here: Mayor of NYC. I’m going with sadness of a club that I’ve been coming and going for 27 years. It is always hard to get away and There are people of high level which get away produces me great sadness, he said.

In the last 27 year club has evolved a lot. There was no sport direction and at that time was also a club with very strong values but with a different from the current structure. Evolution is always for good and must preserve the values and culture of Real Madrid, he added. On the other hand, Valdano has indicated that at the beginning of the season, the team from Madrid needed strong leadership. I said that we needed strong leadership and Mourinho represented. It seems to me a good coach for what I have been seeing and I just believe that you follow, it snapped. There has never been an enfrenamiento justifying the difference with the coach. I have followed it more through the media. You would not allow me tone output here with him. I am lover of dialogue and would try to talk to him as fact this season, he added. In addition, and as already explained the President, his men of confidence will continue. The professionals who arrived with me will remain and I have no doubt that you are going to act with intelligence and I appreciate the continuity of Mourinho for a club that has been unstable. This club needs to settle in the project for a while, he continued. Source of the news: Valdano: “If it was a battleground, is clear winner”

Spain Society

The movement has a symbolic importance, which is already bearing fruit; initially they will be some issues collected more or less opportunistically by politicians, but it is unstoppable, ensures the sociologist. In this sense, Navarrete believes that it has managed to start a renewal of the policy, which will be seen in the forthcoming general elections. Social support people will not stop thinking about the movement, because the influence has already been brutal, in Spain and abroad, says anthropologist Manuel Mandianes, who highlights the cto that has taken in groups (such as those affected by mortgages), which have been encouraged to make visible their problems. Mandianes believes that, even in situations of radicalism and violence society would endorse the eviction of all camping, but no would condemn the movement.European society was engulfed in a fierce boredom, plunged into tedium and boredom cause anguish; modern society, thanks to the vacuum that was living prey to anguish and broke out, was the first were students and young people, says Mandianes. According to expert anthropologist, had underground waters which dragged protests against abuses of banking and other agencies unless politicians worry of anything; but those movements or groundwater will be animated by the 15-M springs.

Evolution of the movement if it disappeared 15-M by lack of leaders or lack of cohesion or concretion, still exists, with new leaders, specifying the causes of protest, adds the anthropologist Mandianes. On the future of the movement, the Dean of Madrid sociologists believed that depend on how to resolve the gap between members that maintain peaceful attitudes and supporters of direct confrontation. As evolving movement, opens more that gap between two postures and two types of actions, warns Navarrete. Sociologist predicts that in the more distant future, will become a part of citizens who support the movement towards parties, another will be integrated into new types of formations that will try to legalize and there will be others who say: was well and up to another. Source of the news: the 15-M is unstoppable and will influence the electoral programs, according to sociologists and anthropologists