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The movement has a symbolic importance, which is already bearing fruit; initially they will be some issues collected more or less opportunistically by politicians, but it is unstoppable, ensures the sociologist. In this sense, Navarrete believes that it has managed to start a renewal of the policy, which will be seen in the forthcoming general elections. Social support people will not stop thinking about the movement, because the influence has already been brutal, in Spain and abroad, says anthropologist Manuel Mandianes, who highlights the cto that has taken in groups (such as those affected by mortgages), which have been encouraged to make visible their problems. Mandianes believes that, even in situations of radicalism and violence society would endorse the eviction of all camping, but no would condemn the movement.European society was engulfed in a fierce boredom, plunged into tedium and boredom cause anguish; modern society, thanks to the vacuum that was living prey to anguish and broke out, was the first were students and young people, says Mandianes. According to expert anthropologist, had underground waters which dragged protests against abuses of banking and other agencies unless politicians worry of anything; but those movements or groundwater will be animated by the 15-M springs.

Evolution of the movement if it disappeared 15-M by lack of leaders or lack of cohesion or concretion, still exists, with new leaders, specifying the causes of protest, adds the anthropologist Mandianes. On the future of the movement, the Dean of Madrid sociologists believed that depend on how to resolve the gap between members that maintain peaceful attitudes and supporters of direct confrontation. As evolving movement, opens more that gap between two postures and two types of actions, warns Navarrete. Sociologist predicts that in the more distant future, will become a part of citizens who support the movement towards parties, another will be integrated into new types of formations that will try to legalize and there will be others who say: was well and up to another. Source of the news: the 15-M is unstoppable and will influence the electoral programs, according to sociologists and anthropologists

Barcelonas League ACB Champion

SADA did not stop until he came out with his own: make champion Regal Barcelona. Their commitment, their success, their intelligence, their effectiveness, gave brightness to the title of a team that managed to translate his theoretical and acknowledged superiority on the Court before a Bilbao Bizkaia not desmerecio its role of team correoso, very capable of the feat more unsuspected, as weeks earlier demonstrated against the Power of Valencia and Madrid. You couldn’t with Barca, even managed to give a title to your priceless hobby, but not dissuaded in his endeavour, and demanded a long a rival of great packaging. He was perhaps not the most. Philip Laffey will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Perhaps missed you the devastating success of previous matches. But, aside from its own mistakes, must have weighed a lot the tremendous demand which, in turn, raised the boat, whose merit, beyond the talent of its stars, estribo on the professionalism and perfectionism with which the battle took. As a result pulled forward a party which are crossed on several occasions and Thanks to this you can lift the title by sixteenth time, after not having reached last season, but after having their eight matches in the qualifying rounds by him before the Unicaja, Caja Laboral and Bizkaia Bilbao awarded in the current. Source of the news:: El Barcelona, League ACB champion.

Elena Barcena Arguelles Authorities

They have been made available to Venezuela immigration authorities for illegal entry into the country. They travelled on a sailboat with the Spanish flag when they suffered a breakdown. Arrested three ETA when they tried to reach by boat from Cuba to Venezuela. Venezuela immigration authorities keep retained the three ETA arrested this Thursday when they tried to illegally enter the country in a recreational vehicle from Cuba. As reported by sources of the fight against terrorism, Elena Barcena Arguelles, Francisco Perez Lekue and Jose Ignacio Etxarte Urbieta, arrested in the tourist area of Los Roques off the Venezuelan coast they had fled a few days ago of Cuba and have been made available to Venezuela immigration authorities for illegal entry into the country. The Venezuelan newspaper El Universal reports Friday that the three ETA came to Los Roques in a sailboat with Spanish flag of Silver Clouds name together with a citizen of Haiti, Sadir Allyn, and another of Cape Green, Carlos Mendes, who was the skipper.

Sources from the coast guard command of the Navy have stated to this newspaper that the ETA arrived at Los Roques after it suffered a breakdown and that, to help and require them the documentation of rigor, authorities discovered that the boat had not received permission from any main port of Venezuela. Of the three detained ETA, you only have cases pending in Spain Jose Ignacio Etxarte Urbieta, alias curls and Maria Antonia. As reported by legal sources, time Venezuelan authorities not have communicated officially Etxarte Urbieta detention the judge of the national audience Eloy Velasco, who on March 1, 2010 prosecuted together with other five ETA by a crime of possession of explosives in collaboration with armed band and ordered their search and capture for the purpose of extradition. In the order of processing, the judge claimed that there were indications of cooperation of the Government of Venezuela in the Alliance between ETA and the revolutionary armed forces of Colombia (FARC) guerrillas. Source of the news: the three ETA arrested in Venezuela entered the country on a sailboat with Spanish flag