Inclusive Professional Education

WHITE PUBLIC Pupils of the Special Education with Dficit Intelectual (DI) METHODOLOGY As strategy to reach our objectives, the project ‘ ‘ Pedagogical workshop Hands to the Arte’ ‘ , it will be developed with the accomplishment of workshops of article construction diverse as stock markets; kits; carpets; etc., of artisan form, with dynamic of socialization, exchange of experiences between the participants, assisting the pupils in the confection of artisan products in accordance with the necessity and interest of learning of each one. It is given credit that through the implementation of this proposal, we will be promoting to the pupils of the Special Education the access the Construction of an Inclusive Professional Education of contextualizada and pleasant form, facilitating in this way the access to the work market or transforming into an activity that comes it to bring autonomy and stability that guarantee self-sufficiency to it. EVALUATION the evaluation oportuniza ways to become the learning most significant, with action moments – reflection – action to the professors, pupils and pedagogical team, where the multi-functional room destined to the attendance to these pupils, has as proposal to offer pedagogical workshops of construction with the objective to take the pupil to the confection of parts and that although not to work with notes, it will exert the accompaniment of the learning of the pupil. This evaluation in turn will be able to occur of procedural form, minimizing the difficulties of the pupils gradual. Being able to consider some criteria so that this evaluation happens in fact as, for example, considering the envolvement of the pupil, its participation, responsibility, independence to conclude the activities carried through in the multi-functional room, respecting always its rhythm of learning, developing in this way its potentialities, verifying if the activities provide interest and significao for the pupils, with emphasis to a set of cognitivas, social, cultural and affective abilities that the pupil comes to acquire. For in such a way, use of daily registers will become, with fiches of accompaniment, semester reports that can all subsidize the pedagogical work of the multi-functional room that will go to offer atendimentos related to the workshops of confection of devices that can come to be commercialized. Recently Joeb Moore sought to clarify these questions. EXPECTATIONS AND CONCLUSION I wait with this project to motivate our students with intellectual deficiency for the necessity to learn to develop motor abilities despertando the interest to it in learning a profession.

In this perspective, our students will be able to take its lives of form independent, competent and productive, capable to construct its proper project of life.

Idol Worshiping Missionaries

In the day 1 of January of 1930, in the same local where, before, the Armelites had three hundred years initiated the construction of a house to serve of support to the work missionaries with the aboriginals, and that later it would serve of fortim in the popular movement of the Cabanagem, the Salesianos de Dom Bosco had initiated its educative work, had established one of the most traditional educational establishments of Belm, cradle of great personalities of the politician-artistic-cultural world of Par. The Foot. Angelo Cerri was the first director of the College. 1.2 – The Armelites in Par the Paved Armelites had established themselves in Belm, in January of 1626, for catequese of indians and children of soldiers. Later, in 31 of May of 1627, Captain Blessed Mor Maciel Relative and its Son of the same name, Captain of Infantry, had donated to the Armelites a field house, of taipa-of-pylon, situated to the Street of the North (current Trav. Siqueira Mendes), in a subject to flooding land, located next to ' ' basses of the Juara' '. Of ownership of this new house, they had transferred its residence and next to it they had constructed to a small dedicated chapel Ours Lady of the Carmo, using the house as convent.

The Armelites had been in Par during 225 years: part of century XVII, per all century XVIII and part of century XIX. They had been distinguished for the social, moral and religious assistance, excused to the indians and for the persistence in the education. They had created in its convent the first elementary school of Belm, where to the soldiers children of and indian of all taught the ages. During the government of president Jeronymo Francisco Rabbit, they were few well frades resident in the old Convent. Later those installations would be busy for ' ' Paraense&#039 college; ' for the Orphanage Desvalidas.