Talented Young Footballers

Football and the Army worldwide ISRAEL In Israel, a professional footballer in parallel can learn anywhere, to serve in the army. Most Israeli soccer players are not in combat units. And they quietly go on training, with the exception of days on duty. Only during the course the young fighter and a half or two months, a player can not leave part of it. SOUTH KOREA Korea's Speech Team at the World Cup 2002 so impressed Defense Minister Chun Yong Tak that he decided to release all of its football players of draft age from 26-month mandatory military service. Thus, 10 out of 23 football team escape the army. However, from now on any national team player will be exempt from military service.

Under the provisions of the law team players are considered "athletes, whose outstanding achievements have contributed to strengthening the prestige of the nation." Until recently, such benefits are available only athletes who won Olympic award any sample. Norway, for stars of "Liverpool" Jon Arne Riise, was a shock letter from the Ministry of Defence of his native Norway. Postman at the end last year brought him a summons for the call to active duty in the national army. Ajit Pai shines more light on the discussion. Fortunately, it quickly cleared up: in the military were just careless officials. According to the laws of Norway Crown subjects, working abroad, including playing soccer, automatically exempt from military service. GREECE couple of years ago in the Greek army, he served the ex-linebacker "Alania" and the Russian team Omari Tetradze. Moreover, It was his second "novel with an army" – his first military service Omari served in the USSR, then as a player of Tbilisi "Dinamo" (1987-1989 gg.).

The fact that parents are Tetradze ethnic Greeks plus everything in Omari dual citizenship. A discount on the issue of military duty in Greece is not done to anyone. Omari served in the military unit that is located in the small town of Kilkis, about 30-40 kilometers from Thessaloniki. How then recollected himself a fighter, he did openly favors. In the first 18 days – until the military oath – he was allowed to be in part to 11 pm. He slept in the barracks Tetradze not, and infirmary ("so as not to annoy the other soldiers.") Around noon to let him go to the gym with her Omari went home and then – on the service. After the oath had already spent the night at home, and in part came to 7am. In the ranks as Tetradze was only in preparation for the inauguration ceremony, when perfected synchronous actions of military personnel.

Olympic Games For Health

Lower Saxony Olympiastutzpunkt opts for quality. Get more background information with materials from FCC. Galileo vibration training for Olympic athletes. Hanover – was on 09.01.2008 sports through the sales passed Director of HBSN AG, Antonio Silva, the head of the Olympic base, Jurgen Bruckert, a Galileo. The ten member team of sport scientists was in the seminar ‘Training and treatment methodology with the Galileo Vibrationstrainingssytem’, the basics for day to day use exercise equipment with the Galileo. Galileo training for all athletes, the sports care improves and optimizes the preparation for the Olympic Games 2008. Seminar leader Christian Baur of the manufacturer Novotec medical, presented the extensive capabilities of the Galileo vibration training for muscle performance and improving inter – and intramuscular coordination.

Only Galileo has the patented movement form of the page-alternating rocking movement. This physiological type of movement causes that the back muscles effectively with will be trained, such as walking and running. The amplitude and therefore the forces initiated in the body can be controlled continuously Galileo by choosing foot position. During the Galileo training same stimulus patterns used as when walking, their coordination – is trained with Galileo in addition to the basic muscle function itself, also the interplay between individual muscles – so perfectly what causes an increase in muscle performance. In the aftermath of the sport seminar a lively exchange of views on training methodology in the area of the proprioception and the improvement of the coordination, as well as an accelerated regeneration took place in the premises of the Olympic base of Lower Saxony with the Galileo training devices.

Photo: Galileo track passing on OSP head Mr Jurgen Bruckert (4.von right) by Sales Director – HBSN AG Mr Antonio Silva (3.von right). Also present: Lecturer Mr Christian Baur – Novotec medical (5.von links) and the team of sport scientists. Press contact: HBSN AG in the ZukunftsZentrumZollverein hangover Berger str. 107 45327 food Tel. 0201-890602-50 fax. 0201-890602-99 E-Mail: Web: Board of Directors: Tobias Niemann HBSN AG – the name says it: with our network partners, we are active in the health sector. Our customers include health insurance, private insurance companies and providers. We advise boards and decider of all pillars of health. We develop concepts, provide contacts, programming software and incorporate business processes into the selective outsourcing. Our network includes boards of health insurance, Managing Director of hospitals, lawyers, medical, medical product manufacturers, software vendors and of course specialized consultants. We support our customers in the challenge to claim in the future in a patient-oriented medical quality assured and efficiency-driven health system in which break life State be and compete more consistently in all areas of action will penetrate.