The Way

I gave thanks to God, therefore I am not of fight, taste of controversy and do not want calmness. I was firming itself in the service, already liking to vender, using all the points of the first list. The listened to customer enlevado, happy plus sales went my credit. But two weeks later, me it appears a couple, furious; they had bought a bed and it broke, suddenly, in the way of the night. They were irreducible, stubborn, insuportveis people. They wanted a new bed, invoked the guarantee. I found that it did not fit me to formulate questions indiscreet, inquiring on details or constrangedoras circumstances, that could have provoked the accident. Moreover, my function is to vender.

I am green password, my God! They had interpreted my attitude as a challenge, a respect lack. Almost apanhei. I took pushes, on account of my passivity. Soon the security appeared and they had been directed to successive the red sector In and useless onslaughts, had received all block as the consideraes, but they had continued in a belligerent attitude. Result: they are camped has three days in the sector of furniture, in the third floor does not want to arredar foot. When one leaves, the other is seated in a bed any. The children already had taken pyjamases, remedies, kits of survival.

Now, then, they do not want not even to negotiate the devolution of the entrance, or a type of bed of better quality, for the same price. At last, a tragedy. But the guilt is mine. The manual, that I only read later, says that the limit for that bed, is of 150 kilos, static load. It wants to say that, if the load if to move, goes everything for the soil. To make what? It had that to inform them before. Now it is late. to say the truth, I do not see the hour to wake up ….. that nightmare!

Rose Room

I have 12 still more minute-already were 6,48 of the morning. It waited a little, it sharpened the ears and it did not perceive no type of movement, in the ample apartment of covering. Finally it was arisen, directed it the bath room. Made beard, bath taken with the water in the temperature that pleased it finally cold and came back to its room, for signal guest room, without before trying the situation of the door of the closed room of couple -. It has one month more than that it slept in the guest room. After to consult the email certifyd already they were not part of the context. Click U.S. Mint to learn more. Providencialmente the plastic boxes were all identified, with its contents. The arrival of the secretary, was noticed smells for it involving of the coffee.

A fast colloquy and all determined one. Computers, printers, device of fax, telephone exchange, furniture, closets and everything what it was more there, would start to be of ownership of the secretary. One form of compensation per the 21 years of dedicated services. The sales of the office had been carried through, were alone to wait the real estate one to deliver the keys. In the car the boxes with documents.

It was directed the concessionaire for the last steps, in the direction to acquire one another vehicle. Carried through negotiation the term. Safe pay the sight. Emplacado car and documentation in accordance with the requirements. The old car that way also is as mode of payment. It consulted the clock and already it was hour of if directing to the bank. It telephones in the previous day to the manager requesting that the treasure-house provided the volume of money that it needed. With a interrogation air the manager did not understand of why of this attitude. Locked up account. Cards cancelled credits.