Forklift Trucks

-The rise of people on the lifting devices, transport them outside the cabin, and finding people under load and in the area of the forklift is strictly prohibited – before the cargo transportation and forklift should fully tilted back, and cargo lift (lower) to a height of 300-400 mm of soil movement with a raised load and inclined forward Forklift Trucks are prohibited – Pay close attention to the uniformity of the tension of chains forklift. – If you lift the cargo will be found piling chains on the piles of rollers, to rise immediately stop, drop the load and to adjust the tension of chains according to the instructions of this leadership. – Raising (lowering) of the goods should be made with a fully tilted back frames forklift trucks and locked parking brake – parking brake produces a braking forklift only when the course of the "forward" or "back> in the mechanism of reverse motion. – Observe work with joystick: the inclusion of leverage in the operating position to produce only low-rotational speed crankshaft – Increased speed engine crankshaft made only after the transfer lever into position. – Avoid parking the forklift to move off in the mechanism of reverse motion – The slope of the truck with an elevated load forward is allowed only after the entrance of the forklift right up to the pile – Avoid handling of cargo at a pressure in the tires of driving wheels below the present recommended instruction value – when starting the forklift with the space to the steered wheels, if they are in extreme positions (turning to failure), straightening so that the angle of them was no more than 30-40 . If you violate this requirements may occur damage the rear suspension – When driving the forklift with a load is prohibited sharp braking – To avoid accidents while driving the forklift driver must at all times watch the top obstacles (wire, pipes, arches, etc.) – The driver is prohibited to leave the white unattended forklift with the engine running, and leave the workplace at an elevated cargo – When suspicious noises, grinding and other faults in the hydraulic system, deficiencies in management with joystick or other nodes need to immediately stop the engine of the forklift and taken to define causes of these phenomena, as well as to inform about the technical manager. Do not start work until until removed any detected defects – In the case of setting the forklift for a long storage is necessary to make its preservation.