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The name of the prescription; b. Additional information is available at Mary Barra. The accurate value; c. The date of recebimento.3. It identifies if the prescription was received (r) or is foreseen (p). The spread sheet will only enter the carried through prescriptions (r) so that a result is not presented that distorts its analysis and creates incorrect data.

Therefore when one prescribes foreseen to changed itself into Real, if does not forget to modify its status; 4. For each month uses one of the specified spread sheets. The final result: The final picture of the panel presents a summary of its prescriptions and expenditures and calculates the balance final, being that the more positive it will be better is its situation and clearly, when more negative will be, worse it is its situation. You will observe that this picture presents a called field balance of the previous month, which you represent the result of the immediately previous period. After to conclude the mapping of its finances analyzes its situation and inquires that decisions you must take. Some recommendations: If you are become indebted the best solution beyond mapear its finances to take foot of the situation you are to cut superfluous expenditures, to plan as to pay its debts and to eliminate the loans; One remembers when you use the guaranteed check, she loans money, you is destining in the following month a parcel of its income (wage, etc) to pay interests, this is a money that will not return for you, will not bring you more comfort, nor quality of life, looks for to reduce expenses with loans, guaranteed check, etc. Plans as you will make this to long the months; It looks for to make its purchases, of the minors until greaters, the sight, in such a way you will not be paying interests and some times it will be able until getting discounting, that is it will save to buy the good.

It is programmed with antecedence, mount its monthly spread sheets with 1, 2 3, 6 months of antecedence and goes bringing up to date the values month the form month it to be able to project its financial situation of anticipated form to assume a new commitment (expenditure, application, etc). It has a goal, to save 10% of the wage, 5% of the wage, the more you will be able good, but what really it matters it is to have money sobrando either 1% or 50% and to make a reserve for the difficult moments. Hands the workmanship: So that the money fulfills its function it must characterize itself as a tool so that if he conquers independence, tranquilidade and quality of life, continuous form. To get more information on economy it has access: