The Dineide

' '. Now I had a great problem in the hands: How he would go to say for the familiar ones of the young dying who it would go to die? ' ' prophet of fogo' ' they had said that the Jair would go to be cured! After the conjunct that I made, I was been silent per some minutes frightened with the vision that me is granted for the Espirito Santo. Then I was boarded for its sister, Dineide Maria, who asked to me: ' ' Shepherd, what he was that God disclosed to it regarding the Jair? ' ' What I answered to it: ' ' I do not want to discourage it, however, Mr. I showed to me, by means of a vision, that its brother is being prepared to leave in brief days. God will take it with a death tranquila and abenoada' '. When I finished to say these words, that one lady said me: ' ' How? If God said more than by means of ten prophet who will go to cure it! ' ' I answered: ' ' We go to wait the days if to pass then, we will see who is truily with the Word Mr.

' '. Ten days after this episode, the Jair left the Cecom completely recouped. It came back toward its native land, Sena Madureira/AC. Many had said that it would go to be cured and still to testify in the Churches. But, with two weeks that it had fond in its native land, it happened what nobody waited, except I. The Jair had one fallen again and in few days it left as the Spirit of had disclosed me to God. The Dineide, sister of the deceased, wrote me a letter saying the following one: ' ' Ronaldo Shepherd, I have immense pleasure in it to write these few lines, for giving my notice to it and also to know its.