The Languages

The professor not only transmits the knowledge or makes questions, but also the pupil hears, must give attention to it and take care of so that it learns to express itself, to display its opinions. According to Dembo apud FERMINO et al, (1994, p.57), ‘ ‘ Evidences suggest that a great number of pupils possesss characteristics that require educational attention diferenciada’ ‘. In this direction, a work psicopedaggico can contribute very, assisting educators to deepen its knowledge on the theories of education and learning and the recent contributions of diverse areas of the knowledge, redefining them and synthecizing them in an educative action. FINAL CONSIDERAES psicopedagogo are extremely important in the pertaining to school institution, therefore this professional stimulates the development of interpersonal relations, the establishment of bonds, the use of compatible methods of education with the most recent conceptions regarding this process. Search to involve the pertaining to school team, helping it to extend it the look around the pupil and of the circumstances of production of the knowledge, being helped the pupil to surpass the obstacles that if interpose to the full domain of the necessary tools to the reading of the world. Therefore, the professional of the Psicopedagogia considers and assists in the development of projects favorable to the educational changes, aiming at to the discovery and the development of the capacities of the child, as well as it can contribute so that the pupils are capable to look at this world where he lives to know to interpret it and of in it having conditions to intervene with security and ability.