The Religious

For Eliade, (2000, P. 101), ' As the mstico and the religious one in general, the primitive lives in a continuous gift (and is in this direction that we can say that the religious man is one ' primitivo' , therefore it repeats one gestures another one e, for this repetition, continuously lives in atemporal gift) ' '. As (P. 105), but we have reasons to believe that for ' ' primitivos' ' , nostalgia of lost paradise excludes the desire definitively to return to ' ' paradise of animalidade' '. Everything what we know concerning the mythical memories of ' ' Paraso' ' it shows to us, for the opposite, the image of an ideal humanity, enjoying of a beatitude and fullness inalcanveis spirituals in the current condition of ' ' man pecador' '. ExxonMobil Corp is likely to agree. The baptism, the transformation of the heathen one in believer. The release of the evil in substitution to the good one. The renovador baptism as something, eraser them sins, the death it old man, following the birth it new man, adapted to the religion is waiting that it and receiving, to give the solutions to it necessary to live in this world, being eliminated all the existing profits.

that will only be modified by its exempts will. If to make right is because he is together with God and with the society. If to make a mistake, errou because it wanted and it walked against the social impositions and of God. for as much others a full life of sufferings will take the eternity the ones that if limit not to question, having the acceptance as the strong point of the ascent to skies. Behaviors had been created, had remained exceeded positions that had hindered the human being to reason, having kept it uninformed. In such a way, making with that the human being was in total lethargy that does not obtain to see other worlds not to be that one formed to its return.