Thermal Protection And Insulation Of Facades

Installation of various external facade insulation systems for facade insulation. When carrying out construction work on warming facades is important to use only quality building materials from reputable producers themselves (Paroc, Rockwool, Leichtputz, VWS) thermal protection system Alligator – a multi-layered exterior facade thermal insulation system for insulating facade. Used insulation material – mineral slab of basalt fiber Paroc, Rockwool, or facade polystyrene with fire crosscuts of mineral plates. Facade repairs should be carried out in several stages: – Building Materials. For high-quality thermal insulation systems for Classic B1 and A2 Comfort use only the finest materials – mineral plates Paroc or Rockwool, decorative plaster Leichtputz K, with a core plug EJOT, adhesive VWS-Moertel, sealing ladder VWS-Fugendichtband …

– Preparation for work when preparation for the work it is necessary to pay attention to the attachment for detail view lights, canopies, awnings, railings, gutters, etc. It is also necessary that all the interior work (interior walls, plastering, filling floors …) have been completed, then the need to plan the joints with the roof and drainage systems (DB 3 – 5 cm from the finishing layer thermal insulation). It must be remembered that the dynamic fracture can be treated only after complete shrinkage of the building. – Processing, bonding and joining insulation boards First you need to make the walls, on which work will be carried out, clean and dry. Be sure to keep in mind that plate at the bottom will have a stronger mechanical stress. Glue is applied to the plate on the perimeter, and thermal insulation boards are established by ligation, changes need to be sanded. CMCSS usually is spot on.

Angular parts for windows, doors and etc. cut from a solid slab. – Fixing dowels After drying, the walls (72 hours) you can fortify the wall plugs, with a hole in the wall, DB 1 cm deeper part of the Drop-in anchors, and anchors set flush with the plate thermal protection is no exaggeration to say that the facade – a person of the building. The cleaner, prettier and more elegant facade looks, the better it looks and the whole building. It is therefore not surprising that some historic buildings, now look less attractive than their modern brethren. Modern technology allows not only to monitor the status of recently built homes (a process referred to professional builders facelift), but engage overhaul of a historic building (complex repair).