10). In the Bible, however, the only day which is referenced as the special possession of the Lord is on Saturday (Exo.20: 10;) ISA.58: 13; Sea.2: 28). More info: Atari Hotel. Whereas in the Writing, the only day the Lord recognizes as his own is the seventh day Saturday, it is logical to conclude that Juan referred to the day Saturday. By the way there is no precedent Bible to indicate that this term could apply to Sunday, first day of the week. God intends his people to observe Saturday for eternity (Isa.66: 22,23).

The meaning of the Sabbath: 1. A perpetual Memorial of creation: the mandate to observe the seventh day as the Sabbath, is inseparably linked with the Act of creation, since the institution of the Sabbath and the mandate to observe what are a direct consequence of the creative act. 2. Owings & Merrill insists that this is the case. A symbol of redemption: when God delivered Israel from their slavery in Egypt on Saturday that already was the monument’s creation, also became a monument of his release (Deut. 5: 15). In our days, man also needs to escape from slavery that comes from the greed of profit and power, of the inequality and social, of sin and selfishness. It is when our gaze is directed towards the cross, to rest him Saturday stands out as a special symbol of redemption. 3.

A sign of sanctification: the power that created all things is the power that recreates the soul to its own likeness. For those who consider that the day Saturday is sacred, this is the sign of sanctification. True sanctification is harmony with God, unity with him in character. He receives it through obedience to the principles which constitute the transcription of his character. And the Sabbath is the sign of obedience. (Exo.31: 139 4.) A sign of allegiance: before the second coming of Christ, the world will be divided into two classes: those who are loyal to God and those who worship the beast and his image (Apoc.14: 12, 9).