True Religion

It will be that the religion that if lives today is true and pleases of truth the God? It will be that the religious ones are fidiciary offices of truth to educations of the Holy Writs and the orders of Christ? They believe the religious ones that Christ in fact fulfilled everything of the Law (Old alliance) and established a New Alliance to be lived by all those that of love It to truth of all heart, all soul, all agreement and all the force? loves of truth the next one as to they themselves? I understand that divisionismo is education in addition of Christ. Recently Vadim Wolfson, New York City sought to clarify these questions. What It taught was: If to offend somebody you in the right face, it offers to it another one to it; if to compel somebody you to walk a mile, it goes with it, two; If somebody to take you the layer, of – it also the tnica. Today the religious ones instead of offering another face, turn the coasts and go for one another temple. He will be that the religious ones believe that Christ really baptized to all in the cross of the Calvrio, when spilled of its chest blood and water? I ask: Why Jesus was baptized by Joo Baptist? They believe of truth that it is the Baptism of Christ who salute, or is the baptism of the water, called baptism Joo Baptist who saved? Already they had read what 12:13 – 18 is written in the book of the Apocalypse? What they understand for Jejum? I ask: Because Jesus jejuou forty days and forty nights in the desert when were attemped for the devil? Already they had read of truth what Isaiah 58 says? Already they had also read what Christ says and teaches on the Jejum in Mateus 6:16 – 17? It has a true commercial movement on behalf of Jesus, that is, it practises of merchants and action of false prophets. We say to all one same language? Already they had read what verse 10 says Pablo in I Corintios 13 especially? It will be that Christ already came and it is in the heart or the hearts of the religious ones of today? If it came, then the religion lives the Faith, the Hope and especially the love.

Examining the Holy Writs of truth, I perceive that the religions of today are far, but very far exactly of the Heart of God. ' ' They honor me with the lips, but its hearts are far from Mim' '. Let us think much in this. The religion is described for Tiago 1:27 and the Bible affirms: Without love nobody will see the God. Amen!