Developing Mathematical Intelligence

Succeeding in math is all about technique and strategy rather than brain power.  Many people who struggle in math are mistaken in thinking that one needs to be brainier, when really all one needs to do is develop a technique.  Once that is developed, it becomes easy and they too, have the potential of  becoming math geniuses and will be viewed as being super smart as somehow mathematical know-how is linked with general intelligence.

One useful tip is to develop easy methodologies; when complicated methods are used it takes longer to solve a mathematical problem and the chances of erring increases.  Find methods that are easy to learn and fun to use and can be used in other problem-solving areas.

At the end of the day it’s all about making things easier.  In other words: learn the strategy and you’ve got your problem solved.  Facilitate mathematical problems and you’ll soon be known as that math genius when all you’ve really done is learn a technique.