After World War

Under this fact Canarian (2006, P. 16) it standes out that … throughout the last centuries, this form of organization that is historical and contingent, suffered a process from naturalization, passing to be faced as something unavoidable, that is, as ' ' natural' '. This naturalization disarms the educators for a perspective of critical understanding in the way as they exert its profession. On the other hand it is this naturalization that explains the permanence of this organizacional model, although the change winds that they sweep the pertaining to school systems after the years of 1960. She is necessary to recognize that, instead of the reform to change the schools, they had been the schools that had changed the reforms.

But, the school that we have today is not the same one that it marked the first half of sc. XX, therefore, it passed of a context of certezas for one of promises, inserting itself, currently, in a scene of uncertainties. The school of the certainty was of the first half of century XX, that is, the one that from a set of intrinsic and steady values, formed citizens, supplying the bases an insertion in the social division of the work. It was the central pillar of the State-Nation only allowing to some the social ascension, therefore she functioned as an elitist register. Speaking candidly Yael Aflalo told us the story. After World War II the school starts to be of mass since, with the quantitative expansion of the pertaining to school systems, more people had started to frequent it with the intention to insert itself more easily in the cultural standards and the partner-economic model. The people associated the biggest amount of schools the three promises: development, social mobility and equality. Not the concretion of these expectations its current platform took the school, that is, school of the uncertainties, therefore the fact of the individual to be in the school is not synonymous of efetivao of such promises.

Furniture Brackets

Fits handle with screws or screws in the assembly of expensive furniture further to the handle set laths. Quality furniture installation on threaded tie and wedge. Threaded flanges facilitate secure attachment of the joined parts. Clip created by metric thread screws, studs and nuts. Reliable form of threaded tie – a nut and screw.

Wedge Ties provide a quick mount connected elements. The basic details of the wedge clamps are clamps, plates, wedges. Elements of the V clamps are fastened with screws. Furniture Brackets are widely used in kitchen cabinets to doors that open upward. As an example of a simple kitchen bracket can cause a spring bracket.

When assembling the door on these brackets do not need a loop. Disadvantages are: the inability to adjust the spring force, can not stop the door in an intermediate position. This bracket is suitable for assemblies in the affordable kitchens. More perfect is the spring bracket. This bracket enables you to stop the door in an intermediate position, and has adjustable ride. Furniture and connecting flanges are Eccentric. Buckle cam is made from steel with zinc coating. It is this coating is the most reliable in the furniture fittings. Screed 'corner' at one time even got a pre-emptive distribution in our industry, because it is durable, does not require drilling holes in the ends of the products, furniture assembly is simplified with this item. Hoists, or 'lift', used in a variety of furniture, For example, if your kitchen is equipped with doors, leaning back up.

Small Floor Attic

Having the sufficient space in the home is one of the fundamental subjects at the time of the organization of the decoration and amueblamiento of the same. The floors and houses at present are smaller than in the past and when numerous families have themselves that turns out to be a problem. The problem is still greater when the children become adolescents and want to have their own youthful dormitory. This situation can be solved easily if you have the luck to have a house that owns high ceilings. What is what can make to gain space and comfort? You can take advantage of those meters height creating a level superior, an attic. When having a new room in the house will be able to count on a youthful dormitory for its son or daughter.

In the same he will be able to include a small study and thus the young person will have an own space within the home. Certain attics have an suitable dimension to create besides the rest area, a zone to be that often it is placed next to the stairs. In many houses that already count on an attic this zone uses like of storage and although he is certain that is something necessary sometimes, much more productive would be that space if it were used like one more a room of the house. As we saw, it is an excellent opportunity so that his older son feels that he has more independence and an own space in the home. Once the decision has been taken to give a new use to the attic or once one has been constructed, the moment will arrive for decorating it and for furnishing it.

This it must have youthful furniture since as the tastes and needs of the adolescents are designed on the basis of, they are the best ones. One is not due to forget that the adolescents, in their majority are disorderly. In order to avoid that the chaos seizes of the attic, it will be necessary to count on a youthful furniture where the storage of the clothes and other objects can be done with facility. Many attics have at least one window or one skylight but if so are no them, will have to assure that there is anyway a good illumination. One does not worry if it needs many lamps. They can place them in wall, in the table of light and until using a spider if it is necessary. It is very important also not to jam the room with unnecessary youthful furniture. It buys what his son needs and it will use. Whatever more open spaces have the attic, relajante will be the room. It leaves his son chooses the color of the walls but it avoids that this it is a tone very hard because those colors harm the dream. Once the color has been selected tries to combine the decorative elements: clothes of bed, cushions, curtains and other objects. Thus one will be in a harmonic room. It thinks about giving a new use to his attic or considers to construct one new one. It thinks about all the advantages that it will bring with himself and about the happiness of his son to have a his youthful dormitory. The company Muebles Asdara is distributing manufacturer and of furniture, of moble especially youthful to furnish habitacions juvenils.

The Morning

-Someday we will have to do so. Now or later, the same will be a difficult situation that we have to face us – Sophie said to her husband. -I also love Kelly and clearly understand their feelings and does not seem fair that we privemos her of her grandson. Neither responded to her nor to Cleve.-Pete. -I remember the times that Cleve is has lifted early in the morning to come to look for us, when Alex and I called it because it scared us back alone at that hour. I never heard him protest this situation as my father did. I believe that you both deserve to enjoy his grandson! Pete and Sophie invited his parents to tea the first available Saturday, telling them that they had to tell them something important.

The four assumed that this would be a new pregnancy of Sophie and attended the event with flowers and chocolates. When they faced the truth, their reactions were completely different. The mother of Sophie told her that, inside, she always had known it, that he had been only a feeling of mother, but that it not amazed you never what his daughter was telling them. The news didn’t the father too. It had been many years since the facts and didn’t see that that would be very serious.

I knew of many cases, that they showed daily by television, fraud of paternity that this seemed harmless. The reaction of parents Pete was, as it was quite logical to imagine, fury. His father broke with hands the bouquet of flowers that had been purchased for Sophie. He pressed them with such fury that the thorns of roses produced him several injuries that began to bleed. With very irritated voice said to his wife:-Let’s go here immediately. I don’t want to share my time with people who are able to deceive us like to children for so long-.

Oliver Stern – Morning (maybe)

The new single by Oliver Stern – morning (maybe) \”The Munich singer OLIVER STERN transferred Thom pace 1979 world hit\”Maybe\”very skilfully on German as a\”Morning\”directly in the year 2009\” to the American Western production \”The man in the mountains\”, the consequences of which 37 were aired in this country between 1979 and 1981 in part of two seasons in the ARD was one of the most popular TV series of the late 1970s with security, and which enjoyed when the viewers of all generations of enormous resonance. The Idaho-born country musician and singer/songwriter Thom had written the theme song for this very successful, sent at the time once a week series, which by the way content first and foremost on the connectedness to nature relied on violence inevitable otherwise in the Western genre and shooting representations largely returned to their pace. \”Maybe\” was called the spherical fire ballad, which late 1979 in Germany climbed to the first rank of the official \”media control\” lists, could at the same time take the gold status and was awarded the following year even with the \”Golden Europa\”. At that time two relevant German versions of the cozy and romantic front and creeping Ohrwurms appeared timely. These were \”Colors\” by SIW Inger and the idiot version of \”Machi\” the Berlin cabaret artist and comedian Dieter Hallervorden; in 1984 the Dutch entertainer, opera singer and radio presenter Marco Bakker moved with \”be free\”.

The English-Sung original stands today, at least 30 years after, still and again on various playlists of Teutonic oldie sender and is unquestionably one of the pop classics of the early 1980s; even if its creator never had to repeat this success, now lives in Hawaii as a helicopter pilot, and only occasionally accesses to the guitar. A very talented singer, composer, and lyricist named OLIVER star lives in Munich-Pasing. The 56 had recently at random on \”Maybe\”, pace, reminds the same Europe-wide hit by Thom, and soon a sparkling, native text that occurred to him.


It listens to the birds, feels the slightness of the breeze. Let us walk as free beings and let us feel our steps if to become light the measure that we walk. Let us appreciate each step that dermos' '. (Thich Nhat Hanh) It has two types of meditation: Mental calm (Shamatha): concentration in the object; former.: breath? Penetrating vision (Vipashyna): contemplativa analysis. Shamatha has three stages: Manaskara (attention in the object)? Smiriti (to keep the attention in the object)? Samprajanna (to become conscientious of the characteristics of the object) still Has ' ' Concentration Without Objeto' ' , a state of perfect simplicity, without no mental construction. &#039 is turned simply toward the interior and; ' conhea' ': At the beginning, nothing it comes. In the way, nothing it remains.

In the end, nothing it has left. (Milarepa) For the buddhism all the things are interdependent; everything is relation, nothing it exists in itself and for itself. &#039 is the call; ' vacuidade of the existence prpria' '. It has a meditation for the understanding of the concept of that the things, the spite of its tangible appearance, are unprovided of last existence: to imagine the totality of the rose and to gradual go penetrating in its structure, seeing only one petal, etc, withdrawing until arriving to be an atom of the rose; where it is the rose? The author still suggests to finish the exercises with one ' ' devotion of frutos' ' , a vote that canalizes energies: ' ' that the born positive energy of this meditation contributes to alliviate the suffering of seres' '.

Traumatology Treatment

Babovnikov AV Pryazhnikov DA, Rubekina LN Tsypursky IB, A. Smyslov Moscow State Medical Dental University, Department of Traumatology, Orthopedics and Military Field Surgery of the existing diversity techniques of operative treatment of fractures of the elbow led to their wide application without strict indications and contraindications. The absence of a single algorithm and standards of care patients This category provokes uncontrolled "creative" approach to choosing a method of treatment. The price of the operating surgeon error is too high because of significant technical difficulties in restoring stale or improperly fused elbow injury. Evaluation of poor clinical outcome of surgical treatment of patients with lesions elbow showed that the majority of cases the cause of pseudarthrosis is unstable fixation due to an underestimation of the need for operating surgeon Anatomic reconstruction of each bone fragment out of fear "Unnecessary" expansion of surgical approach or contact with the neurological structures, because of the difficulty of Anatomic location and the fear of neuropathic complications. When treating patients with false joints distal humerus is expedient to be guided by the following algorithm: 1) Define the initial range of motion in the elbow joint, neurovascular status, and signs of septic complications.

To clarify the scope and type of a false joint at the difficulties of interpretation of radiographs, it is advisable to perform an additional CT scan. Based on these data, pseudarthrosis classified as aplastic or hypertrophic. 2) A decision on the amount of surgery and is determined by operational access. In the case of aplastic false joint, planned way and the volume osteo-plastic substitutions. In implementing the surgical approach is advisable to make it through the old post-operative scar to reduce the risk of ischemic necrosis of the skin. Histories Data on previous surgical interventions on the areas concerned, the elbow is a wire for extra caution because of the possibility of transposition ulnar nerve or its involvement in scar-adhesions.

PayPal Furniture

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Antique wall mirrors – is more than decor. Such mirrors are usually perfectly fit into the situation of most homes. Moreover, they are easily combined with other decor. For example, the English mirror Empire style is perfectly matched with Chippendale-style furniture produced in the imperial period. Time frame.

Gothic period lasted throughout the 15 century. The Baroque period lasted from 1625 to 1689 years. Rococo – 1689 to 1727 years. Imperial period – from 1727 to 1812. Regency period – from 1812 to 1837.

Every state in its own called the various historical periods, but the style was the same everywhere. The main features of the styles. In the Gothic period, the basic material, used in the manufacture of furniture and furnishings, was oak. A characteristic feature of antique mirrors the Gothic period was the use of the lancet, the Gothic arch. Rama, was usually dark-colored thread top. In the Baroque style dominated the mirror, oval gold or silver frames. Thread was less florid, but as a material for the frame is still used oak, although by that time become a nut gradually gaining popularity from the masters. Antique mirror in the Rococo style characterized made of walnut or mahogany rectangular gold frame, the upper part of which is decorated with carved flowers and patterns. In contrast to the rococo mirrors in the imperial style devoid of the rich carved forms, they are more simple, with a little engraving on the inner side of the rectangular frame, but at the same time, gold-plated interior were still in vogue and the fashion was reflected in the mirrors. The material used mahogany with elaborately carved in the shape of flowers and leaves ornaments. Geography. Country of origin of the mirror can find reflected in its design. For example, the mirrors from France often occurs Fleur de Lys, the design is of English mirrors can be found a lion, etc.Links to find info:

But despite all these attributes, the main features of mirrors of different styles are similar. Properties of antique mirrors. In antique mirrors, there are several key properties that determine their value and to which attention must be paid. First, the presence of the original mirror paintings that is a big plus. Secondly, the state of the mirror frame. Need to pay attention to whether to keep her original thread. Look carefully at the frame itself, it is undesirable to have traces of repair and “Patches”, very good, if you save the original gilding, but at the same time it should not be in perfect condition, the frame must be present scratches and cracks. Antique mirrors in baguette does not necessarily collect. This is a subject that can be used to inject a little history into your home, a subject that will serve as a beautifully decorated to complement the interior of your home.

Chinese Emperor

Perhaps it does not mean in such a way many people to say that she enters they has a Wall of Berlin, but by precaution the Wall of China will be installed. Few will search in the memory historical or geographic facts to become concrete such examples of separatista engineering, but it says this for that has culture or curiosity it will be creating barriers until greaters that the cited examples. We are certain that the majority of the friends if incases in the band that has culture, but not to leave of it are who eventually is of the band of the curious ones, follow information on the two constructions. The Wall of Berlin was a barrier constructed for Eastern Germany during the Cold War, dividing it of Germany Occidental person. It was constructed in 1961 and of it they were 66,5 part km of metallic gradeamento, 302 electrificadas observation towers, 127 metallic nets and 255 tracks for fierce dogs of guard. At least 80 people they had died trying to atavessar it, 112 had been wounded and thousands had been imprisoned. It was rank below between 89 and 90 with the German reunificao. The Wall of China started to be raised in 221 B.C.

for determination of the first Chinese emperor (Qin Shihuang) and is there until today, as much is that, in 2007, it passed to be one of New the Seven Wonders of the World. It was construida to prevent enemy invasions, In general the walls has average width of seven meters in the base and of six meters in the top, alando average height of seven meters and way. According to Chinese scientists, the length of the wall km, very bigger is 8,850, but the times less unsurmountable than some human hearts.