Chinese Emperor

Perhaps it does not mean in such a way many people to say that she enters they has a Wall of Berlin, but by precaution the Wall of China will be installed. Few will search in the memory historical or geographic facts to become concrete such examples of separatista engineering, but it says this for that has culture or curiosity it will be creating barriers until greaters that the cited examples. We are certain that the majority of the friends if incases in the band that has culture, but not to leave of it are who eventually is of the band of the curious ones, follow information on the two constructions. The Wall of Berlin was a barrier constructed for Eastern Germany during the Cold War, dividing it of Germany Occidental person. It was constructed in 1961 and of it they were 66,5 part km of metallic gradeamento, 302 electrificadas observation towers, 127 metallic nets and 255 tracks for fierce dogs of guard. At least 80 people they had died trying to atavessar it, 112 had been wounded and thousands had been imprisoned. It was rank below between 89 and 90 with the German reunificao. The Wall of China started to be raised in 221 B.C.

for determination of the first Chinese emperor (Qin Shihuang) and is there until today, as much is that, in 2007, it passed to be one of New the Seven Wonders of the World. It was construida to prevent enemy invasions, In general the walls has average width of seven meters in the base and of six meters in the top, alando average height of seven meters and way. According to Chinese scientists, the length of the wall km, very bigger is 8,850, but the times less unsurmountable than some human hearts.