I Tarzan, You Jane

An exotic visit in the new flora Gamburg musical criticism, a short insight into the plot, music, musical, Phil Collins to take a schmaltzy song by Phil Collins (you’ll be in my heart), which Squeak colorful magic of Disney Animation and an acrobatic display, even the Cirque you Soleil in the shadow is. Artificially Hamburg created also an exotic jungle setting, in the new flora and the new mass magnet called musical is finished. Tarzan and Jane (Elizabeth Hubert and Anton Zetterholm) fifty-one performer and a twenty-seven-piece Orchestra under the direction of Phil Collins, Director Bob Crowley and sixteen other creative team members the Disney classic in the port city of Hamburg on the stage did. “After the two main actors (world premiere, Jane: Elizabeth Hubert, Tarzan: Anton Zetterholm) about the casting show transmitted on television I Tarzan, you Jane” (aired on Sat1 spring 2008) were selected, the second Disney musical in Germany celebrated in October 2008 Premiere and has since then all over Hamburg in the jungle fever. Viewers find themselves as an observer in the middle of the jungle, surrounded by monkeys, and other exotic rain forest dwellers who themselves shimmy on green vines in dizzying heights beside and above them. Sets and costumes will take the audience into a strange fairy-tale world full of magic and exoticism.

The staging is as dynamic to describe the music of Genesis front man Phil Collins sways between romantic, fame until the slightly rockier tones, while the most famous song you’ll be in my heart always remains the basic melody in the whole piece over again to detect and. Still a portion of wit and humour to do this and already it has all aspects that make up a good entertaining musical. The Tarzan molt in Germany to success would be, was to see in advance. In 2006, the Disney musical premiered on Broadway, then also in the Netherlands. Around 1900 premiere guests in Hamburg came not from the schools for this timeless adventure musical more out and also I have to say that this production is very successful. If you love so great acrobatics and dazzling colors should definitely take a visit to the new flora and also infected by the jungle fever.