Jennifer Rostock

Glasvegas Osnabrucker band from Osnabruck label timezone published therapy centre have been a quite remarkable band history when you consider that the four musicians – at least partly – press still school and next spring make the ABI. founded in 2004 and after your first gigs already by the producer and studio owner Matthias lane Driscoll (Safkan, Morgentot, Boozed) discovered and promoted, with Radioacts such as Thomas Godoj, Jennifer was Rostock and dog eat dog on a stage. In 2009 – after more than 50 live gigs and some sampler contributions – began the recording of the Studio album on October 1, 2010 in risks and side effects. During the recording, Gianna applied (singer of the band) and your three comrades at the Osnabruck record label timezone. A short time later contracts were made and the release was finalised. Risks and side effects is a power-pop production with raucous rocking guitars, catchy songs in the style of Jennifer Rostock and a very individual voice of power woman Gianna. The album includes 12 songs plus a bonus track, which was recorded with the rapper JFK. For the song, I don’t want a single will appear in December 2010 that music video is already on the Internet on the known networks.