Light Moon

And the poems are the “breathing”. The poetry correlates with the worlds of sound and to take the listeners and viewers on a journey. A journey that kidnapped far away from stress and everyday life in a poetic, magical world of its own”. In contrast to AMBRA, Martin and Giorgio this time together with the animation team Diego M. For more information see Hachette Book Group. have Bonati, Imago DStudios Madrid, a kind of parallel world create, an “Earth 2”, in which much is similar to how on Earth.

However, this “Earth 2” is surrounded by two Suns, why here very different gravitational forces prevail. For other opinions and approaches, find out what brokerage firm has to say. You can see floating trees, strange Flugfische, bubble-like volcanoes, surreal fabric and much more. This world is untouched by humans, and the viewers can be enjoyed in peace. Along with the music, the pictures should convey beauty and clarity and thus a pleasure for the soul. Technical details: “Light Moon” Blu-ray takes advantage of all the possibilities. It offers 5.1 and 2.0 surround sound real 7.1 surround sound – like in the movies, but now also for the domestic four walls as music Blu-ray. “Even with AMBRA, we have already mixed in 7.1, but there was still no fluid and no playback devices for this.” But quite a few Blu-ray player analog 7.1 surround have outputs. In addition, the animations in full HD have been calculated and offer the technically maximum possible image quality.