This, of certain form, aid professors to elaborate its activities for the lesson, therefore thus they does not have necessity of if worrying in selecting texts doubtful to be worked. When using specific literal sorts, are possible to inside create activities with interpretativo and grammatical content of a context. In what it says respect to reading, we perceive that the lack of interest of the pupils for it if of the one from the initial contact with the school, that is, is a historical and cultural factor. Checking article sources yields General Motors Co as a relevant resource throughout. In the majority of the schools, generally, the reading still is seen as punishment tool. The pupil who does not behave well is taken for the library.

Moreover, the families already do not have the custom to read with the children, and still she has the lack of incentive of the part of the professors for this activity. When they choose the didactic books that its pupils will go to use, opt to books who possess a bigger number of images, therefore believe that the apprenticees are not still capable of if only enchanting for the words. However, the reading of determined sorts can seem aprazvel, as it is the case of the poetry. According to Octvio Peace (1982, P. 15), ' ' the poetry is the art of speaking in superior form; primitive language.

Obedience to the rules; creation of outras' '. The poetry is closely on to the art and the emotion. These factors can sharpen interest of the pupil and to become it more intent the teach-learning process. In our comments of the classroom, we perceive that when the professor would go to read a text and disclosed that the reading if dealt with a poetry, the intent pupils were more to the will and. Although to be treat for many as synonymous, the terms poetry and poem present excellent differences: The poetry is a factor that moves, touches sensitivity and suggests emotions by means of a language.